Heat Acclimatisation Article

" **This type of training for five weeks provides the same adaptation to hemoglobin mass as a four-week continuous stay of around 3000 meters above sea level, Professor Bent Rønnestad told NRK."

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Uno-X did a lot of this over the winter - again under Rønnestad supervision. Landevei.no had a few articles about it I think (paywall).

I’d be really interested in finding the paper that gets published from this work. I had a look a few weeks ago but couldn’t find it. I can’t imagine anything more hellish than riding in a tracksuit, in a plastic bag, in a heated room - but there you go.

Edit: This seems to be a paper / article on the research: https://physoc.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1113/EP088544

in the words of a local Kona age grouper - “embrace the heat” - as this has been known for a long long time to increase performance (e.g. increase plasma volume).

Not objections embracing the heat, on a beach in shorts. It’s the embracing of the heat in a heat suit on a bike in a hot room I object to.


Same. Far easier to do workouts outside, in the 90+F heat of the afternoon.

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