Heart rate strap, budget watch

I’m looking for a cheaper option for a watch based heart rate monitor. I’d like the watch to actually look like a watch. I don’t need gps or connectivity features really.

Any suggestions for a watch to pair with my Garmin strap? Cheaper watches that already have heart rate? Cheap means I really would prefer not to pay more than $200 for a watch.

Not sure where are you located, but should find some left over stock of older garmin watches like 735xt or Fenix 3 for similar price. Coros might have something at similar price and a lot of functionality. If you are ok buying used, then you will easily find something even better. I personally have Fenix 3 HR with saphire glass from 2017 and am very happy. No plans to change, although will be buying edge 530 for mapping and bigger screen for cycling specifically.

Thanks I’ll look in to those. I have all the cycling tech I need. My regular watch bit the dust and I want to replace it with something I can use during non cycling workouts. I’m very ok with using my Garmin HR strap during this workouts and just using the watch as a regular watch otherwise.

Not sure how an Apple Watch would suit your needs as a “regular watch” but the series 3 starts at $199

I don’t know what a watch “looks like”. But there are a ton of watches out there that can do what you describe. I used a Garmin Vivo something several years ago that was barely more than $100 I think, I gave it to my GF at the time when I went to the Fenix. I am not a fashion person though, so I don’t know what looks it needs to have to meet your needs in that department.

I ended up with a vivioactive 3 as I wanted something that looked ok on my wrist and didn’t break thebank. I found a watch face I quite liked in Garmin IQ too.

Vivoactive 3 is probably what you are looking for. If you’re good with used, I’ve seen loads of them on Facebook Marketplace for under $100.

Polar Ignite 2. Quite simply because it can broadcast HR directly to TrainerRoad or other platforms.