Heart Rate Spikes and Performance


Since a couple of weeks ago I failed Lamarck. No big deal, it happens, but it made me realize that what I though was an issue of the HR monitor, it probably isn’t (HR monitor is three months old and I’m wetting the electrodes with a dedicated gel). The reason I say this is because I had a clear feeling of my heart jumping around. Assuming it was not an HR issue, this had already happened in the past. It seems to be happening in the first 2-3 intervals of a workout, and then it smooths out. Anecdotally, when this happens I don’t feel at my best. Last Saturday I rode outside with a group I regularly ride with every Saturday, and I felt like I struggled more than usual (maybe a day off, maybe the wind, maybe an herpes outbreak from which I had not recovered, who knows), and again I found that my heart rate was spiky on one short, not particularly steep climb.

For reference: this is my third year on TrainerRoad. This year I have been able to be very consistent with my training (low volume) and diet, yet results didn’t quite arrive (but this may be a different topic). Started in November with Sweet Spot I, then Sweet Spot II, Build, and then rinsed and repeat (including the deloading every third week).

Ladt ride outside

Carpathian Peak

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The first and right response is to talk to your doctor (& full disclosure I am not one) as this could be a serious issue. That you are feeling things during these episodes is notable. I recommend you buy a Kardia 6 lead portable EKG. It will record a 30 second period and give a high level assessment, though a cardiologist read of the file is optimally needed. Use it to check your rhythm at multiple times. Save the EKG records and share them with your doctor - he/she will appreciate it. Here is a 6-lead unit: Kardia . If you have a heart rhythm issue, there are treatments for many of them. Search this forum for atrial fibrillation issues to learn from some others here. I know this can be pretty stressful and I wish you the best of luck.

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I agree, it is time for a stress test. See your doctor and talk to him/her about your issues. Try to find a cardiologist with cycling experience.

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