Headphone suggestions?

I’ve had good luck with my Edifier W280BT’s. I’ve had them 8 months. Battery life is decent, 4–6 hours. I sweat a ton during workouts and they’ve yet to have any issues with moisture.

My setup is usually watching NBC replays connected to my MacBook Pro or phone.


Thanks for the input @n8udd. Appreciated.

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Bose SoundSport headphones work great.

They have worked perfectly during sweaty, 1-3 hour indoor workouts for the last 9 months. And I sweat a lot during TR workouts.

I originally tried Beats but they consistently turned off about 20 minutes into a workout. My understanding from that company is that the headphones would do this when they got too wet. So I guess I my sweat was shutting them off.

I highly recommend the Bose SoundSport headphones.

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I’ve had no problem with mine at all. I ride on quiet roads, but the reason I got them was so I could hear what’s around me. They can go pretty load so I wouldn’t worry about that. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I also like the idea that my ear are open to the fresh air. Less sweat with headphones over the top

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thanks for your suggestions… sony wh1000xm2 is very excellent headphone. i really like this…
but i think razer headphone is very wonderful. Razer products is one of the best headphones brand
best design and highest Sound Quality :notes:

I’ve used Skullcandy Method earbuds. Lightweight, don’t move around when running (if that’s you’re thing), easy to use for phone calls etc, long-lasting battery. Sound is fine although I’m not exactly an audiophile. I’ve been using them for several years. First pair lasted over a year, which is impressive if you knew the abuse these things get (I also go running with them - several marathons, including one in the rain).

Second pair stopped working right away, third one the right ear bud flaked out after a few months, got replacements right away both times (purchased via Amazon), current pair is going on almost a year just fine. So I can’t claim they have the greatest quality, but I’ll stick with them because they’re the best pair of earbuds I’ve found - and I’ve tried a bunch.

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