Headaches later in the day after harder rides

I wonder if there’s a component of vasoconstriction within the brain as well. VO2 type workouts possibly (not always and shouldn’t if your body is working right) could get a little hyperventilation, thus dropping the CO2 in your blood. Low CO2 causes vasoconstriction. Could causes headaches. Though you would think the body would readjust pretty quickly afterwards.

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In addition to hydration and electrolytes, ensure you’re eating enough throughout the rest of the day. For me, after big days in the saddle, i don’t feel hungry so I have to force myself to eat. Not doing so has caused pretty bad headaches.


Experiment with eating more carbs before, during, and after. On a 3 hour ride I may burn 2500 calories, which usually means I’m eating 50 grams before, another 240 grams during the ride, and another 50 immediately after. Call it 350 grams total. I’m still negative 1000 calories, which is a huge deficit. I would add an extra 200 carbs on top of my typical day to help make up for this deficit. That’s probably going to put me at 700-800 total carbs for the day. Since adopting this strategy my headaches and post ride hangovers have totally vanished.


You can drink as much as you want, if you don’t have the right minerals in store, you’re not going to hydrate. The human body doesn’t store any h20 in h20 form. It’s all crystallized/salts.

Caffeine, from what i understand, blocks the absorbtion of magnesium, which may often be a problem.

Um, what?

Same for me too, I was getting headaches, fuzzy vision and brain fog. However I will also add COOLING into the mix. Liquid, salt/electrolytes, carbs and a BIG ASS FAN. The Fan was the biggest piece of my puzzle.

not enough water consumed and not enough salt in the system.
I find that using Oral Rehydration Salt does the trick.

hydration. you can’t store water if you don’t have enough salts

You might need to read up on “crystallized”.

Counterpoint. How do your shoulders and neck feel after the session?

I find that I am more prone to tension related headaches after hard rides, perhaps because of how I’m gripping the bars or tensing my body. Core strength failing up the posterior chain to cause back tension leading to headaches that source from the trapezoid muscles.

Just a thought.

Good luck.

with Text Neck / Laptop Neck. After a ride it’s also worst off.
which was why I asked about the ShockStop Stem in another thread.