Head unit battery life with power + HR + Speed

Just looking to guage how the battery life of my Elemnt Bolt is compared to other people’s experience. I know there are a lot of factors but I had a 3hr ride this morning and my Bolt was 100% charged, at the end it was down to 35%. I was running Power, HR, Speed Sensor and backlight was on the lowest setting but not off.

Is this as expected

Sounds like a problem. I did a 3:30 ride today, started at 100% and although I don’t remember precisely, it was around 75-80% when done. Not sure if there’s a way to pull up that number from data, but that’s normal for my unit, which is two years old. I have backlight on, bluetooth connected to iPhone, LEDs flashing, power pedals transmitting, HRM, etc.

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Sounds low to me. I’ve had a Bolt for 12 months and been quite impressed with battery life and when the price dropped on the Elemnt I thought I’d give one a go for longer days in the saddle. Only used once and was disappointed with battery life as it seemed worse than my Bolt but not as bad as you’re experience.
I got 7 hours out of my Elemnt and it was on its last legs, I get way more than that out of my Bolt but I did have my Elemnt setup slightly differently. I had led’s turned on for power, never done this on Bolt and had backlight set on 5 seconds, also usually have this off on my Bolt.
I use Garmin Vector pedals so these were connected along with my Di2, a hr strap, speed sensor and was following a RideWithGPS route with live tracking enabled on my phone.
I’m hoping battery life will get better once unit has had a few charge cycles through it, if not I think I’ll be returning and sticking with my Bolt.

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