Kickr core cadence HR dropout

My wife and I just got a Kickr core yesterday. She’s doing the first ride in erg mode as we speak.
She is using it with an element and also has a tickr hr monitor. She is getting near constant HR and cadence dropouts on her element. She is using power from the core, she turned off her 4iii crank pm.
She never had hr dropouts before, there is a new battery in the tickr.
Not sure if this is relevant at all but she is using it outside in our gazebo and WiFi is spotty out there but I would imaging this is irrelevant and everything is paired ant and bt, any ideas?

If both the power and HR are having connection issues, my guess is that it may be the Element that’s the problem.

Have you tried connecting to a different source? Tablet or laptop?

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We’ll try connecting to an iPad today to see what happens. We thought about it and she has a tickr x which also has cadence so we think that was conflicting with the core, makes sense that it was hr and cadence both coming from the tickr. Now to see if we can turn off cadence on the tickr.