Elemnt bolt is less reliable than it used to be

A couple of years ago, it used to upload rides immediately - as soon as I’d finish the ride, I’d get a notification from Strava saying a ride had been uploaded. Nowadays, my workouts fail to properly sync to the Elemnt app, or they sync to the Elemnt app but not to the cloud and I need to repeatedly try to force it to upload the ride to my external apps (Strava, TP, etc). I feel like it has actively become worse than it was when I got it a few years ago. Anyone else noticed this?

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mine was doing that for a month or so, then went back to its usual prompt uploading,… not sure what the difference was, maybe my WiFi extender was acting up as the router is at other end of house from garage ?

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I noticed it a year/year and a half ago and fixed it by going to garmin.


I have had intermittent issues over the last couple of months. I have had to go into the device to sync (which is not the easiest thing to do as I seem to have to go the planned workouts bit) but it does work.

I’ve had some upload issues after the winter break. Removing and re-adding account authorization for Strava fixed it for me.

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No issues here with Bolt v2


if you have a lot of activity files in memory, try deleting all of those. Things get wonky when available memory is low.

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I only had this issue for about a week about 2 years ago, then it just went away. I have heard that people using Apple products have more issues, due to Apple updates breaking the upload process somehow.

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Try connecting your bolt to the WiFi rather than going they your phones Bluetooth. This resolved the issue for me.

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Up until a couple of years ago it was great and then Apple went to IOS ~12 maybe and it hasn’t ever been as reliable again.

After finishing a ride I sometimes just need to kill the Wahoo app and reload, the ride will generally sync pretty soon after a relaunch.

You didn’t say if you were Apple or Android.

I have found this happen a couple of times. I traced the root cause to changes in either the Strava app or the Wahoo app that seemed to have reset the permissions.

Process I had to follow was to go into both (desktop for Strava) and reauthorise from both ends.

Incidentally asp affected TR at one point so had to again, reauthorise via that as well.

Worked ok again after that.

Edit: note this is using an iPhone

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