Hawaii Spinlister - Rent 56/58cc road bike in March 2022?

TR Gang! I’m in Hawaii (first time) in mid-March. I will be based in the Kapolei area. I would love to get a couple of rides in. Anyone interested in working out a rental? I’d like to avoid the bike shop rent if possible ($$$). I’ve scoped out available bikes on Spinlister but there are no available bikes in my size (56-58).


Would recommend trying to get a bike case and packing your bike to fly with. Depending on how many rides you do it could be cheaper than the rental (and you can use the case in the future). I’ve taken my Orucase (bought used) on ~5 flights and haven’t had an issue and only have paid the check in bag fee each time

If you’re handy with basic tools, fly your bike there or mail it. Renting a bike is harder than renting a car. You’re going to spend 45min driving to the rental shop, 1hr there, and 45min back. Repeat on the tail end of the trip. Spending $300 for two good rides.
If you fly, it’s a hassle to lug the rental around in. The rental car. I’m sure you can dig up a case/box to borrow.
If you mail, the bike ship will give you a box. It’s about $50-100 ea/way. You can setup the bike while you enjoy a beer in your room.