Flying with My Bike

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I was hoping some of you might have some ideas or advice on flying with my bike. I will be flying from Massachusetts to California for Sea Otter and I would like to take my own bike as opposed to renting. My plan was to purchase a bike bag for the airline and check the bike, although I know it will be expensive. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated!

If the Handlers in the US are anything like in Europe don’t buy a bag, rent borrow or buy a box instead.

There is a thread somewhere on here about traveling with your bike….and one of the recent podcasts talked about some of the bike case options.

I would disagree with @HLaB here, though….the primary reason being a bike box doesn’t have wheels and trying to get it around an airport is a PITA. But they also don’t provide anywhere near the protection that a good travel case does.

I personally have a Serfas hard shell case and have used it for 15+ years. On the smaller size of cases today ( but think they updated the size in the last few years). Pretty basic in design, but never had any damage to my bikes, either through shipping or flying.

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Last week’s podcast (late in the episode) was about flight travel. Give that a listen.

In addition to that, here are some search results worth a look:


Thank you @mcneese.chad for pointing me to the podcast! @Power13, it appears that a hard shell case would be better and I think I’d feel more assured traveling with that rather than a softer bag. thank you for your help!


My mates destroyed bike in Mallorca makes me very wary. My borrowed Bike Box Alan has wheels and the Scion box I borrowed before that also, actually every box I’ve seen has wheels :upside_down_face:


Ah, I thought you were referring to a standard cardboard bike box when you said “bike box”. :crazy_face:

Yes, the cases you note would be pretty bombproof!


You are the man spot on precision…Thats what I needed as I’m searching info on this topic. Well done!

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