Have you lost interest in racing post pandemic?

Figured I’d poll the community.

I’ve basically lost any interest in road racing these days. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s not having done it in so long.

  • I’m gung ho about racing
  • I’m racing but not excited as previously
  • Racing less than before
  • Lost interest entirely

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Heading out of 2019 and into 2020 I was hoping to just do less events and more ‘bucket list’ type events. I no longer care how high the result. Just finishing is my goal mostly this year.


Yep. Was all set for another season of TTs, did one up on the edge of the Lake District (UK) and realised just how much I’d missed riding all day in the hills, combined with battling a series of annoying injuries I’ve switched to long all day rides instead of racing and got my mojo back.

I was kinda meh about racing but decided to give it a go finally this year in a cat5 Crit. Final lap, bunch sprint, guy in front of me was sloppy and touched wheels with someone’s derailleur, lost some spokes and went down taking me and another rider with us. Luckily my bike survived but I donated a good bit of skin to the pavement. Part of me wants to go back for redemption but another part says it’s a sign that I’m not destined to race but just enjoy riding bikes with friends, and that’s ok. As of now I’m still 50/50 on whether I’ll go back


I feel that! My main sport is triathlon but have done a couple RRs. My biggest concern were crashes ruining my Ironman. We were in the last mile of the race, didn’t quite have to legs to stay in the leadout so I dropped back. I watched a terrible crash unfold right in front of me.

I’m pretty excited for triathlon again now that I have Kona to look forward to. But last year it was so nice not really training towards an event all the time

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Do whatever makes you happy, it doesn’t even have to be racing. Before this race I just trained for myself and for Strava as dumb as it may sound. Being able to set PRs on segments and climbs felt very rewarding, and being able to do big rides at higher speeds every year. There is lots of competition among friends on Strava for KOMs and I hadn’t had a single incident before this aside from a bunch of MTB bails.


Was excited to get back to racing. We had our first local weeknight crit series start back after being off for all of 2020. I was a little nervous as all our men’s fields were maxed out because we had tons of people showing up from out of town. First race of the night (3/4 which I was in as I’m a 3) went really well. Only one guy crashed due to a flat tire. Other than that, it was a clean fun race. The rest of the night was carnage however. 4/5 had a bunch of crashes, 5 had a bunch of crashes, 1/2/3 (which I also did for an additional workout) had a bunch of crashes, one of which was bad enough that the race had to be stopped so that the guy could get taken to the hospital (where he was for a week) in an ambulance. His bike was trashed as well. I didn’t witness this crash as I had already got dropped from hopping too many gaps at the back, but I witnessed the aftermath because I knew the guy and pulled over to see if I could lend any assistance. It’s the worst I’ve seen someone hurt from a crash. I didn’t rejoin the rest of the race that night as my head was no longer in it.

I’m still excited for racing as my main event, Tulsa Tough is happening in a few weeks. I’ve got to be honest though guys and gals, my experience at my local crit race has me terrified heading into three of the biggest crit races in the country after the covid break. There’s usually a bunch of crashes at Tulsa Tough anyway because the courses aren’t the easiest, but I’ve got a really bad feeling that this year is going to be even worse. I’m probably overreacting, but it’s hard shaking this feeling.

My risk/reward balance has been rewired TBH. I had a bunch of goals, but now for me the risk of racing isn’t worth it anymore. I get my competitive kicks on Zwift, and have fallen back in love of riding a bike for the joy of riding a bike.


I wanted to start racing just as the pandemic hit… So here I am now, in the best shape I‘ve ever been and with zero race skills :joy: Chomping at the bit :slightly_smiling_face:

The last year had taught me to enjoy the process regardless of any results though, and for that I am extremely grateful!

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Voted “gung ho” but, it’s no more or less than the last couple decades of racing. Been competing at one thing or another since grade school. I enjoy the process and results I guess. It’s the only time I really feel free…

I’m going pretty gung ho this year, but to gain experience and fitness, not to chase results.

Since racing started back up a month ago, the turnout here in Socal has been very high. Cat 4/5 fields are jam packed, and registration is selling out consistently. I tailgunned a few 4 and 4/5 crits in the season openers. Some of the races were pretty dicey with multiple, independent crashes happening to my left and right simultaneously. So I’m switching to Masters 3/4 starting next Saturday.

I’ve penciled in a dozen crits and a few circuit races on my calendar. My goal is to sit in, observe, and absorb what the veteran racers are doing, and keep nudging up my fitness while I’m at it.

I’m also going to do a series of eight Tuesday night XC MTB races that’s about 15 minutes from where I live. It’s typically a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a huge turnout. Again, should be a great way to boost my fitness.

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Gung ho. I bought a new XC bike and am anxiously waiting for the announcement from the ski resort saying the series is “a go.” It’ll be my first time racing, too.

Lost the fire for sure. I was all-in last season and heading into March I had a high level of interest in a full calendar of racing. I decided to skip all racing last year for obvious reasons and was hoping to find the spark this spring, it still hasn’t shown up. And that’s fine, I haven’t even been riding much in the last couple of weeks and I’m sure my fitness has suffered.

I put a local XC race on the calendar later this month for no other reason than to decide if I need to take a longer break, or if that inspires me to train again. Meh. And reminding myself that feeling meh is ok.

I think the process of finding fitness can be enjoyable and very rewarding, it’s also very disheartening to work very hard for it and have it slip away so fast. It does get to be a job at some point, and that’s no good. I’ll always be a little competitive and if it come down to chasing Strava PRs that’s fine too.

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Wasn’t the pandemic, but I lost interest in racing quite a while ago

Right now, when I think about “what do I want to do on a bike,” my mind drifts to bike packing and month long tours and MTBing and exploring awesome places. When I do mor events I think it’ll turn back on, but the key for me is remembering that basically I just love all bikes, and there’s a lot of ways to hit that.


My interest in road racing has been steadily declining for the past 6 or 7 years, and it’s pretty much dead now. I was doing some crits pre pandemic, but I’m not even interested in those anymore. I still ride a tonne, and we still have spicy group rides to scratch that itch.

The time commitment and expense for racing is generally a bad transaction for me, and then add in the risk of crashing, and it becomes a tough sell to myself. I’m completely happy not racing as I have a good crew of guys I’ve been riding with for years who all have a similar outlook on cycling.


This is kinda where I’m at as well

It is hard to say where my racing motivation currently lies - the only races going on in my area are all races I wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. I don’t feel any sense of urgency to race these races, but this is normal.

Once races that I enjoy more come back it’ll be easier to tell. I am frustrated to not be racing, but I honestly can’t tell if I’ll just nope out of competition when those events come back or not. I am looking forward to doing them but my overall interest level is hard to assess

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Yeah I’m with you. All the races I’ve done so far this year have been crits, with maxed out fields and bad crashes. N=3 but I’ve not been in a race without a hospital trip yet this year. Normally I’d do more longish rrs but it doesn’t seem like those are coming back like the crits at least in the northeast us.

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