Have I been inadvertently doing hypoxic training?

I’ve been doing indoor workouts in a closed room (20 cubic meters of space) because of the need for air conditioning.

Have I accidentally been sucking all the oxygen out of the room? Haha.

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I have wondered about the same thing many times. I have to train in my bedroom with the aircon because South East Asia.

Unless the room is actually sealed - probably not

Does your AC pull air from outside or from within the room?

Assuming the room is sealed and the AC isn’t pulling any oxygen out of the air, it would have a small effect on oxygen in the room. If you ride at your vo2max of say 5 L/min, that’s about 3% of the oxygen in an hour. O2 goes from 20.8 to 20.2 which is definitely noticeable, but operating at that vo2max for that long is v unlikely.

The bigger concern Is that the co2 goes up to 3%. Not sure what the effect of elevated co2 on training is… hypercapnic training?! :joy:

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…doesn’t CO2 kill you at about 8%?

Um, yes to which?

It was an either/or type of question.

Woops. The AC just circulates air in the room.

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Then you are maybe ending up with a slightly undesirable balance, but it’s a guess at best. Likely depends on the seal in the room from the door as well as any additional venting in the room.

There’s a small wall vent to the outside and about 20 mm gap between the floor and the door.

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