Hardware for...Indoors & Outdoors w/ multiple bikes...for MTB :)

The big idea…my goal is to get faster on my MTB, I’m a CAT 3 (lowest) racer and I’ve really only dabbled in it a few times.

I want to get faster and stronger to race in the local race series and do some longer 6 hours duo events, 25-50 milers, etc.

That’s my goal above.

Current situation:
FTP 177 (getting back into it…low volume, week 1…but have been as high as 197, but still not consistently training)
Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core w/ 29" 2012 Jamis XC MTB and trainer tire (1x12 GX drivetrain)
Older Garmin 520, heart rate monitor, speed sensors for 2 bikes

  • Jamis XC mentioned above
  • Scott Genius trail bike (heavy, but fun)
  • Giant XTC 27.5 hardtail ($1800 bike new…for context) on 2.1 gravel style tires (I really only ride this bike in the neighborhood and am considering selling this and maybe the Jamis to get a newer style XC full suspension bike (Scott Spark or maybe even an IBIS Ripley (sort of an xc/trail bike), on the other hand, it’s nice to have an extra ‘beater’ bike…

I typically train indoors on the wahoo using the smart trainer in erg mode.

I’ve done a few RPE workouts and that’s just a moving target for me. I’ve got a pretty good route in the neighborhood for intervals that aren’t too crazy hilly, but I’d love something with more accuracy and not have to constantly set timers for intervals :slight_smile:

So, now that you know what hardware I have, I’d love to choose a bike and just go train.

The new Garmin SPD pedals seems like a no brainer, but I’m not willing to spend $1k for the dual sensors, so it would have to be one.

What other options are there? I’m SURE many of you have been down the same road.

There is the Favero SPD Hack option that will come out a bit cheaper than the Garmin pedals, the thread stays pretty up to date on here. Seems like a lot of good experiences with it, up to you personally if you’d trust that with your riding.

Other than that a crank or spider based option can work across bikes, but I highly doubt you’ll find one option that fits across the current bikes. Even finding a match between the Genius and a new XC bike could require a bit of swapping around.

Unless money isn’t a factor for you I’d get a newer XC bike and enjoy that for a long time before going for power. Many people on the forum will tell you that they don’t really use the power on trails like they though they might.