Hardest City Hill Climb Salzburg (AT) ever?

If any of you are in Austria (Salzburg), this race is probably the shortest and toughest hill climb of all time, only 900 meters long and there is an average of 15% to a maximum of 32% gradient over 120 meters of altitude

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I think my car would have a hard time with this, never mind my legs! :exploding_head:


Pity I’m not in the area :roll_eyes:

I doubt my legs could still handle it though. I went up a similar grade climb in 2010 after which I found out what I thought was a compact was a full size double (53/39)

Gloom Hill | Strava Ride Segment in Dollar, Clackmannanshire, United Kingdom

The view is not as good though, there’s too many trees, you are not even halfway up the full hill and a castle blocks the view at the top.


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One of my favorite KOM’s (though a little used segment that is now closed off) is an average of 11% with pitches of up to 28% for about a mile. I vaguely remember being in my lowest gear and still struggling to turn over.

This sounds miserable. I’d lose to try it.

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I once did the climb as a boy (around 11 years old), my father did a training session with me.

With a bike without back pedaling and old pedals with leather straps, fall over or drive through was the motto.

It was really tough, but my father was always next to me to hold me.

Now I’m 51, can I still do it without falling?

How do you train for such an event?

I am currently training Sprint Duathlon with a Tri Plan from TR, any idea how to adapt a TR Plan for this event?

I’ve heard that ex-pros are also at the start here, I don’t know if anyone of you knows Gerrit Glomser, he was on a pro team and competed in the Giro and Tour de France.

Sorry, for my bad english!

The Race was yesterday, i made some short videos if some1 is interested:


it’s more or less a race for Sprinters, the best was arround 3minutes 8sec for the 900m, a rider told me, you need ~400 Watt avg for arround a time at 4mins

Surely it’s heavily dependent on weight? You can play about with the power estimations on calculators like the one below, it’s quite interesting.

So for a ≈65kg rider the estimated power requirement is about 400W for 4 minutes (6.0w/kg). For the same 65kg rider to do it in 3 mins 8 secs is more like 510W / 7.8 w/kg!

Anyway chapeau to you and all the riders, it sounds like a tough climb!


thanx nice calculator, i didn’t ride yesterday, but thinking to do it next year, when they repeat this event! :innocent:

Wow, 400 W at 65 kg puts the rider’s FTP at around 310–330 W or 4.7–5.1 W/kg. That is, well, healthy. And you’d still be almost a minute slower than the winner. Bananas.

I live in Japan, I have gotten to know crazy climbers that could probably compete quite well in this event.

Edit: I had a look at the videos, I’ve been to Festung Salzburg many times (I used to live in Munich), and just wow. And having them ride the gravel in the courtyard is just icing on the cake.

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yes, the gravel there is heavy, you have also problems when you only walk in this passage and you haveN#t good shoes, nice to hear that know the Festung Salzburg :ok_hand:

Maybe try this one next…17% av and max > 37%…


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It blew my mother-in-law’s mind. She’s Japanese and used to wooden buildings. Even Japanese castles and other fortifications use a lot of wood in their construction. And suddenly she was confronted with a building whose outer walls are >1 m thick. What a great memory. :slight_smile:

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It looks rather bunched :slight_smile: Did riders set of 1min apart but given the course it naturally came together :slight_smile:

Someone of you have an idea what kind of TR Plan i can use, when i decide in September 22 to ride this race?
Normally i do Duathlon like Training, but for a race like this, is it better to ride only without running and of course what plan, for a Hill Sprint race arround of only 4-8minutes or so?