Hard start VO2max intervals

One month after my hard-start VO2 block and the hits keep coming*: all-time 60min PR today!

I said it once and I’ll say it again, srsly people…do the VO2 work…it’s nasty but the other side is sooo fun!

*(I should probably venmo KM a fistful of dollars for all my recent gainz… :thinking:)


Haha, just saw your post on KM’s instagram. Are you following a training plan or self-coaching?

Happy to hear this, must be a blast. Mind sharing with us what your last 3 or 4 weeks looked like? Were you doing the 3x per week protocol or something else?

I’m happy to say that I’m just starting to feel like I’m shedding fatigue after my 3-day VO2 block. This is definitely the most fatigued I’ve felt in the last 4 years of training.

Maybe optimistic, but I’m hoping this some sort of cardiovascular adaptation from the VO2 work and previous 4 weeks of dedicated threshold training. I’m already seeing that my Z2 rides are in the 220-230NP range (over 90-120 min) with HR values staying at ~LT1 or 5 BPM below. 2 months ago those Z2 rides were more in the 190-205 NP range with the same HR values.



Self-coaching proxy plan…? :grimacing:

Basically just cobbling together info from KM podcasts* and running my own plan. Lots of attention on fatigue and quality intervals.
*(High North also has very solid science-based information)

For the 3-week VO2 block I did 4x week (+ 2x Z2), 1on/1off; 4-5min intervals only, 1:1 rest, ~20mins of work. HRav was in the ~95% range, end-of-interval RPE was ~12/10. :woozy_face::sob::face_vomiting:
(when the wife texts you to see if you’re ok, you know you’re doing it right! :laughing:)

The 3 weeks after the VO2 block has been 2x threshold over-unders and 1x SS w/bursts (and as much Z2 as I can squeeze in).

Agreed. I was hammered at the end. Took a full 5 days before I felt right and could do a “normal” Z2 ride.

Although last fall I did 3 weeks of FRC/anaerobic work and that was also pretty brutal. The VO2 stuff has definitely been far more beneficial and useful.


So, my A-Race was just postponed from end of October to end of January. Plugging in the new race date to Plan Builder dropped me into a rest week, with SusPBMV starting again next week. Since I’d been considering a VO2 block along the lines discussed here anyway to try and get a lift, and that lines up well with the SusPBMV blocking I’ve changed out the three main workouts for Red Lake+3 and Border. Three weeks in a row of the same. Resistance mode so Power targets a little irrelevant.

I’ll hopefully do extra low Z2 work after each main workout.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the effectiveness of my plan or suggested changes before I get to Monday?

Edit: I think I’ll put in Septerat for the Monday and Wednesday sessions and see how that goes? Thoughts on the recovery between intervals?