Happy Halfway integration please?

Since Amber mentioned that she shouts out Happy Halfway when she reaches that stage of an interval, I was just wondering if this could be incorporated into every interval on TrainerRoad please?

If there was an option to switch this on/off, a bit like there is for workout text, then anyone who doesn’t want this sign/beep/HappyHalfWay could just not switch it on.

I just find that any reward I can give myself is great, and I just think this is good. I am even saying this to myself when i’m hallway through any minute, so when I see I’m at 6:30 of a 8 minute interval I will still congratulate myself on getting halfway through that minute. But that’s probably just me :wink:

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I think its even better to look down at the interval time and notice that I’m past halfway.


Ever since that episode I can’t stop hearing Amber’s “happy halfway” in my head when I cross the halfway point of a workout.
I doubt they will add something like this to the product but it would make for a wonderful April fools joke.


just me then?