Hanging Camelbak hydration test ;-)

@mancunian inspired the idea in the Disaster thread. Not sure if he was kidding or not but I thought it was clever and gave it a go. Conclusion: I will do it again but it’s a bit finicky. I had to remove the bite valve to get the gulps in quick enough but that means opening and closing the main valve which is a bit finicky during hard intervals. Finding the right spot took some doing, originally tried hanging the bag behind me but it got annoying to reach behind to grab the drink tube. Forward worked but it puts everything in field of view which gets a bit distracting. So I think for Disaster I will use both the bag (for volume) and a single bottle for quick sips.


It wasn’t a wind-up I promise :joy:

It sounds like my camelbak tube/valve maybe a different design to yours. There is a yellow lever there to close it, but I don’t need to.

When I used it in the past for walking/hiking, I just had the valve open the entire time and when I needed a gulp, biting the end of the valve opens up the slit and you can drink. No need to open and close the valve and as long as the bladder stays upright, the straw always stays charged.

I have a floor to ceiling bike rack just to the left of my Kickr area, so I can bodge something to have the bladder hanging there with the tube in reach.

Looks like a real pain cave - I mean you have to be on a drip :rofl: I tried a camelbak while running because it is perfect while hiking but for me it is not working because it interrupted my breathing

A normal bottle is much better in my opinion because you can just squeeze the water in your mouth

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That was exactly my problem.

Design is pretty much the same. I had just never realized how long I don’t breathe while drinking from the camelbak while hiking etc. It just doesn’t matter as much as when you are mid interval and every fraction of a second you can’t breathe because you’r trying to suck down some water matters so much more!

Like I said thought pretty cool idea. Thanks!

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I see you’re doing zwift and trainer road at the same time… Is that hard to setup?

There are a few ways of doing it, I find using two separate “computers” makes it much simpler. Bluetooth connection to the iPad running TR, ant+ connection to the PC. After that, the only thing to remember is within Zwift connections page to NOT connect as a “controllable trainer”, connect only as a power source and cadence. Doing that leaves TR in control of resistance. Hope that is clear.

I use this, simple. TrainerRoad on Ipad, Zwift on Apple TV. It was simple for me to set up, which is saying a lot! LOL.

A guide that covers the several ways to do it.