Hammerhead Karoo 2

I prefer the phone because it’s something I already have and not another expense. I know people outside of the US prefer the sim card option. I had the Edge 530 and currently have the 840 and I don’t recall having many issues with bluetooth. I may be wrong on this, but when my ride starts on Garmin it automatically emails my wife. I think you have to do another step on the Karoo or your partner has to remember to go to a website to do the tracking.

i ordered HH K2 now for under 200€. will give it a serious try.

Where did you order it with this price?

lots of sites offer discounts during black week. This was an offer by an european shop, already sold out unfortunately.

I used my 520+ again after being on the HH for about 18 months and holy crap, the Garmin UI is so bad in comparison. Having something as basic as PM calibration buried several menus deep is just silly.

User experience on the Karoo2 is really nice. The WiFi upload vs BT is the only real friction point for me, have to use my phone hotpot to upload a race file sometimes. But not a terrible trade off for being a lot more pleasant while actually using it.

But once you have your WiFi networks in the unit, the uploads are seamless…I noted earlier that I had moved back to Garmin and the 840 and I have been immediately reminded of my frustrations with the Garmin BT uploading issues…sometimes it is seamless, other times you need to restart the app, etc.

I have had to go back out to the garage several times, get the 840 and restart it to get the files uploaded.

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Agreed! Pretty minor issue overall. I really like the screen vs lcd on the Garmin. It is just a friendlier experience overall, being able to add or remove a structured workout from TP or navigation while riding. Or to change the ride profile if needed. Being able to get data on your intervals during the ride is also really useful, a lot like the SRM intervals screen.

I get that some people have strong Garmin brand loyalty and they have good solutions for ultra endurance and multi sport racing but I find the HH to be a better solution for training and road racing.

I haven’t used any of the current gen Garmin devices so maybe they have updated the UX to work better and I’m just out of date. But that also highlights the fact that Karoo updates the software for their devices regularly and I don’t need to buy a new device to get new software features :man_shrugging:

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The UX is indeed better for the current Edge x40 series units, but I still prefer HH or Wahoo over Garmin.


Argh. I have a 530, and just ordered a 1040. Are you saying the constanct sync issues aren’t any better on the x40 series?

I can’t say yet if they are any “better” than before, but definitely not eliminated.

I had hopes that they were resolved, but both my rides this weekend required me restarting my 840 to get the ride to upload (after I had already gone into the house and went to look for the files). Prior to this weekend, all the rides had automatically uploaded with no issues (I’ve been using the unit for about 2 weeks now).

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My 530 has the issue where the side buttons were harder to press, and it’s old, so I need an upgrade anyway.

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I got the HH k2 today, beautiful device, nice finish, smooth software, great screen… wow. Setup so easy, works flawlessly so far. Sure, needed to get used to the differences, but man is this a smooth experience!

Now, the battery makes me worry still. I did a workout for y45min, only with HR belt as sensor, and Battery saver ON. It took 4% battery off, quite ok.
But messing around with the device then drains the battery so quickly, you can actually see the % dropping. I am now 9% off the 100% and have barely used the device.

Any comments by other users?

And: What is the lowest brightnewss setting possible? I cant see any kind of percentage setup.

I usually factor in ~10% battery usage / hour. Seems to get pretty close to what happens on the road.

I usually have the screen at ~35% brightness, which works well for almost everything except direct bright light.

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where do you see the brightness level in percent? I just have a slider with no percentage indicator. And even the lowest brightness seems way too bright for indoor trainings

When you use the slider, a percentage indicator should pop up when your finger is on the slider….it then disappears when you remove your finger.

weird, it does not show any numbers. I am on latest firmware.

Are you accessing the slider from the pull down screen at the top?


Weird….I think I have an update pending. I’ll check my unit later and see if it is still there.

so far all fine, only again just confused the battery would drop by 3 percent just playing around with the setups for 10-15 minutes

I am also surprised there is no menu option for display off outside of rides.

It takes 5min for the screen to switch off automatically when you are in the menues. You have to manually switch off the screen in the drop down menu or switch off the whole device. I find that a bit weird since Android offers such option naturally. Why is it missing here?