Gearing for Gravel/Road Bike

Hello there, Im looking at building up an Ibis Hakka and with a road and gravel wheelset and use this as my primary road and gravel bike. I was planning to use the grx 2x with the 48/31 crank but that frame cant work with the 31 on the low end. Now Im thinking of using the force axs and using a 46 1x up front and a 10/50 in the back. Has anybody used a setup like this on the road. Wondering if the jumps would be crazy. Or what gearing do people use on a frame used for gravel and road.Gear Ratios.pdf (335.2 KB) Groupset Gear Ratios.pdf (281.9 KB)

I have a CX/Gravel/Road bike. I run 46/36 w 11-32 on all 3 wheelsets

Very rarely have a wished for a bigger front ring, or an easier climbing gear. I have even raced crits on it without spinning out


I can confirm the above gearing post. I don’t race crits with it but fast group rides and have never had an issue.


Could go a 34 small and maybe a 11-34 if you like an easier climbing gear or if you will be carrying any gear. You will need much easier if you are carrying lots of gear though!

Thanks for that. I think i narrowed my options to 48/35 with a 10/33 or a 46 with a 10/50. Both those setups would be a force axs or I could go with the grx di2 42 with an 11/42. Since this is going to be one time dream build I really want to go with an electronic shifting.

With the frame im getting they dont recommend going any smaller than a 34 as the smallest gear so the chain doesnt slap the chainstay.

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I would double check that it can’t take the 31 on the GRX crank. The GRX cranks have the chain line spaced further away from the center specifically to give better frame and tire clearance. The GRX front derailleur is specifically designed for this further outboard chain line. So use GRX fr. der. with GRX crank or use Ultegra fr. der. with normal cranks


Also the GRX rear derailleur has a clutch to help with chain slap, but you might want to put a chain stay guard on anyways

I’m a 1x rider (on my road and gravel bikes), and I use the absolute shit out of to check my ratios and whatnot.

As for the 10-50, the jumps would be pretty big, especially the 10-12-14. Those can get pretty gnarly.

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Trust me I have a spreadsheet made for gear ratios for each bike. What setup do you use on the road?

On the road I roll 50x11-40. I love the range and the jumps don’t bother me. On gravel I use 44/11-40, but I think I’m going to switch to 42x10-42 when I get a new wheelset.

Gotcha, I leaning towards going with the 44 and 10/50. Looking at those ratios those actually seem like a gears I can push on the top end for the road. Seems like a decent middle ground if I was trying to get a good gravel and road gearing.

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I’ve ran my 44x11-40 on the road many, many times and it’s been fine. I think the 44x10-50 would be great for all-around riding as long as you can get used to the jumps.

I thought I saw GRX was designed for frame clearance but I emailed Ibis and they said they wouldnt do the 48/31. On their site they say no lower than a 34 so I think even with the clutch it will hit the frame.

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I think if I go 1x that will be the way to go. I have rode quite a bite of fixie so im used to being over or under geared slightly. I find on the road when I shift I typically jump multiple gears at once anyway. Sucks that theres no place around me that has that setup to test drive before you commit to it.

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If that’s the case then I think you’ll do well with the jumps. I found myself doing the same thing back when I rode 2x, which made the jump to 1x even easier.

Note that GRX has different rear derailleurs optimized for 1x vs 2x, at least for mechanical, not sure about Di2 version. Also Wolf Tooth offers more chain ring sizes than Shimano does for 1x.

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I have 44 and 10/42 right now. Happy with it, but I’m about to switch the front to 42 (very big climbs around me, and the jumps will be slightly smaller with a smaller front chainring). A 44 and 10/50 should easily give you all the gears you’ll need.

Interesting, didn’t realize the chain line changed.

Force axs / eagle RD with e13 9-46 cassette
42 up front. Boom

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Im wanting to run 50/34 with a rear 34

Running 46/38 x 32 At the moment and want closer to a 1:1