Group riding during the era of social distance

My training group wants to start our out side rides but we are trying do do it safely. So any suggestions on distance between riders

Theoretically there could be virus in the slipstream. It’s possible to be affected by distances up to 60 feet. There are a lot of unknowns but the longer you stay in the exhaust of your compatriots the more likely you are sharing aerosols.

If there is concern about there being an asymptomatic carrier of COVID 19 among you, then there probably shouldn’t be any group riding and definitely no drafting. Consider the risks for yourselves and the possible consequences and see if riding with each other is ok with you.


If you want to do it safely, do not ride in groups. Simple as that.
It won’t be the end of the world if we continue riding solo for the time being.

It certainly will make a huge difference in stopping the pandemic sooner. That is our primary goal at the moment.


All future group rides must require health checks. I don’t want any SICK person in my group! Let them suffer by themselves on solo rides or at home on the trainer. This virus, or another even worse virus, could rear its ugly head at any time. Especially in groups of older riders in/near retirement communities. This group riding stuff has got to be rained in!
Be safe, ostracize those who are not provably healthy. Place your health above social contact! Physical health is much more important than mental health. Right???

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I just like stirring the pot. :mask::mask:
I have every intension of returning to group rides. As long as I don’t get dropped - that’s usually my main concern. :blush::blush:

Honestly don’t think group rides are a good idea, for the reasons mentioned above.

What I could see working is meeting up together, have a chat (from distance), then ride solo. Maybe meet up again in between. If you want more of a training session, you could do TT style minute gaps, or do hill reps, where you see each other more often, without actually riding in a group.


Nobody cares or has cared in Sweden. Group rides as usual. :+1:

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Please, as a moderator, avoid baseless claims and speculation. We don’t need any help making an already sensitive topic more contentious or confusing.


I just want to say I’m so happy to see other people who are concerned about all this. I’m so tired of seeing group ride and after ride group photos. I feel guilty pressing the “like” button on Strava because I feel like I’m encouraging dangerous behavior. It’s not worth risking my family’s health for me to spend a couple hours outside that I could spend on the trainer instead. The trails and roads will still be there when this is over, and I’ll enjoy them even more because I waited.



Went out yesterday for 50 solo miles and was dismayed by the number of groups I saw. At least 4 different group rides, ranging from 4-8 riders.

Besides being a risk in and of itself, you are basically broadcasting to the world that the rules don’t apply to you…so then why should they apply to others?

We are clearly seeing people reach the end of their patience with these lockdowns…smaller group gatherings, extended family coming over, etc. We aren’t past the peak yet (in the US). Daily death rate still ~2k / day. This is not a quick fix and this is when it starts to get really hard. People are bored and frustrated, the weather is finally getting nice, etc.

Stay at home…ride solo if you go out. Please.


I suppose it depends on the rules in your respective country. Here in the UK you should be practicing social distancing, which means avoiding unnecessary contact and where that can’t be done, staying at least two metres away from others. As others have pointed out, the information around how far you should distance from others when in motion on a bicycle is unclear so really it’s just best to avoid group riding altogether. I know it is hard - I’m totally fed up with riding on my own - but we need to think of the bigger picture here. By riding in a group you’re potentially putting yours and others’ health at risk, risking prolonging the lockdown, and likely breaking the rules around social distancing. Please let’s all try and be responsible.


Do not feel guilty about it. Just don’t give them a Like if you don’t want to.

(I’m UK based) I have unfollowed quite a few people who have been out for 3+ hours or group rides. I do not want them to think that I support this kind of riding. What is so difficult about Stay at Home?

I appreciate that we are allowed daily exercise. I just don’t think that’s a 5hour 100K ride! If they do contract COVID (and I hope they don’t) and they have to write down every person they’ve come into contact with and everywhere they’ve been…

It is frustrating. My mental health has improved from not seeing this kind of person on my Strava timeline. :slight_smile: :smiley:


Ok so the input I’ve gotten has been helpful. I think that until we are opened back up I’ll suggest that we ride solo and provide routes each week. By all means pleas keep
This discussion going everyone’s thoughts have been good and thank you

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Nobody cares or has cared in Sweden. Group rides as usual. :+1:

heard of any illness among your fellow riders?

I’m not advocating group rides, but it seems to me that the goal of what we’re doing now will actually delay the duration of the pandemic not end it sooner.

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No, none at all.

Sure, someone must’ve had mild illness of some sort, as always, but without diagnosis there’s nothing to talk about.
I’ve stayed home from work for two days during this period because of mild symptoms - that’s it. If you got symptoms, stay home, otherwise it’s business as usual.

Absolutely correct. It will delay the pandemic until we have better measures to combat it, like enough ventilators, enough PPE, enough time to develop a test for virus and its antibodies, maybe even a vaccine.

So please please please delay all they like.


All the organized group rides by my local bike club are still cancelled. My state has started the first phase of opening things back up but my club hasn’t made that call yet. Before the pandemic, I rarely rode solo outside. However, I have found much joy in solo rides and now my wife has started cycling too. It’s been fun to see the progress she’s made in a short time and being able to share this great sport.

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Agree, yes our strategy will pro-long the illness because speeding it up will have very serious consequences that we are not currently prepared for. It sucks, because essentially we’re in this for the long haul. Effective treatments and a vaccine that works needs to be our collective #1 priority. Recreation is a luxury in this environment. People haven’t realized how serious this is yet. Yes we’ve mostly complied with shelter in place orders and social distancing, but people are chafing and we’ve really accomplished nothing other than buying time so far. Without a treatment that makes this less deadly or a vaccine that prevents it, we will be right back where we were headed.