Group rides messing up my progress?

Currently I’m doing Sustained Power Build (on Week 5) low volume plan having done SSB VLI/II previously. I’m in my mid 40s.

In the past, when I scheduled TR for T/Th/Su, I couldn’t do the Sunday sessions fully due fatigue from the group ride on Saturday. So, for now I have them scheduled for M/W/F (mornings) and group ride on Saturday.

I just did a scheduled ramp test yesterday and got 230; a bit lower than what it was at the start of SPB plan – pretty sure it was due to not enough recovery from the Saturday ride.

My Saturday group rides typically ended up with TSS between 250-350.

My goal is to achieve higher FTP so I can crush these group rides =)

Q1: Do I stick with M/W/F for indoor training?
Q2: Does it make sense to dial back the intensity during group ride so I’m not so fatigue for TR workouts?

PS: Looks like I can sustain higher/longer power outdoor (maybe due to adrenaline or cooling?), but I’m guessing it is pretty common?

From the latest group ride:

Current progress:

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