Greg Lemond diagnosed w/ leukemia

Outlook sounds positive, though….best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


LeMond was heading over to Europe as I was racing juniors. It’s hard to put in context how much fun it was to have an American winning in Europe, just how good a rider he was, and how many twists and turns his career / life has taken. Hope his treatments go well.


A true American Hero, not just in sports, but in life. In my opinion…


So sad to read that.
His TT against Fignon in the 1989 TdF is one of the most memorable events in cycling history. I still wear the tele-Z jersey in Zwift because of him, and I’m not even american…


I agree totally. I am not American. Lemond has always been a classy guy and treated others as well as the sport well. You cant say that for the fake yellow jersey winners.


Unfortunate news for sure, but at least some answers for him and sounds like a good prognosis.

Thankfull, chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is often responsive to regular chemo regimens although it may sometimes be resistant. There are a number of different drugs/combos to try, but the last resort is a bone marrow transplant. I’m not sure how it works internationally, but Be The Match bone marrow registry helps match potential donors to those in need, free of cost to you. I happen to have had the opportunity to donate bone marrow to a patient with CML who is now cancer-free for three years and feeling excellent. Signing up with Be The Match is free and who knows, maybe you could end up saving Greg Lemond’s life with your matching bone marrow (if he needs it down the line)!


The news was quite a shocker to me this morning. I’m not American but LeMond was my hero. This afternoon sitting in front of the TV watching the final TT. Got me hooked to cycling my lifetime passion. I even met my wife through cycling. I basically have to thank LeMond for my three children :slight_smile:

True legend. And one of the few voices which dared to speak up against doping and Armstrong. One of the reasons why I will never buy a Trek bike.

I wish him all the best for the time to come.


We used to be a specialized family. But with some of specialized questionable practices over the years we were ready for a change. Then my wife bought an electra e bike and got run over. She has recovered but is now dealing with long covid. Electra handled the crash replacement incredibly well and trek has been top notch in service and now we own mostly trek’s and a few giants and a salsa. This news has really rocked me and made me think about my relationship with trek.

I am sure trek made the best decision for their company and brand ambassodor at the time with the information they had. After all there were very few who were calling the KING CHODE out for what was going on and the ultimate fraud that he is.

Since then the truth has come out and there is an abundance of evidence of the businesses and lives that CHODERIFFIC destroyed.

As a consumer and Trek fan I emailed the ceo asking them to attempt to resolve the past. I recieved a responce. Not the one I wanted and I clarified that. That is all i can do. Depending on the response depends on where I spend our money in the future. Its not much… but its all i can do and i am ok with that!

I find Lemond to be a very unique sportsman, individual and someone that the cycling community can re-aquaint with now before he is gone.

No, they let -7 bully them into sabotaging a growing brand in their portfolio. This is well documented.

I understand the connection here, but can we keep this topic about Greg and not that other guy, please?