Graveyard by name, Graveyard by nature

Trying Graveyard tonight, anyone tried it?

I will no doubt be massively underestimating it but looks doable :flushed:


looks like cooked legs waiting to happen! How was it?

a true Tabata workout is 4 minutes total

Not sure this is correct.

Are you still alive?? :man_shrugging:

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Looking at levels of ‘compliance’ for previous efforts, I think is a savage beast of a workout. I’ll put it on my calendar somewhere :skull_and_crossbones:

I’ve only been brave enough to try Whitney+2 &+3. Might be a good way to introduce yourself to stroll in the Graveyard

Looked at that workout and legit said “oh my God” out loud.

As for the original poster? He ded.

Did it, well when I say did it what I actually mean is I started it got into the first set and bailed half way through. Absolutely no chance that it was sustainable for the whole thing so thought my time would be better spent on Mendel +1…a much more civilised workout :joy:

It was harder I think as the efforts were seated so a decent amount of power while in that position. I think that out on the road is probably be out the saddle for efforts like that so I’m not used to it.

I’m definitely going back to it though, but may take up @ExpertOrBust suggestion on Whitney as a build up. Whitney would be a good ending to a sweetspot Ride I reckon, might concoct something.

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The original Tabata protocol is 20 sec at 170% VO2max (so, somewhere around 200% FTP?), 10 sec rest, repeated 8 times, for 4 minutes total.

@tomm - go for it!

Ah, yes. Now I remember.
Also remember the orig was conducted using Olympic-level speed skaters…some of whom could not complete the 8 reps.

Not sure why anyone would expect to complete 4 of these tests in a row.

Try Striped +5 also.

Or if you dig on testing protocols, try this one on for size:

(For the above protocol, all subjects were average people who completed all 7 workouts vs world class athletes, some of whom could not finish the Tabata test. Gives you a bit of hope. :wink: )

Yeah good call, Striped is a gentler introduction with the extended recovery between efforts