Gravel tyre wear

Do gravel tyres wear quicker on gravel or on tarmac? I’m specifically looking at the Schwalbe G-ONE Bite 38mm.

I was pondering this the other day when I was riding on the tarmac between gravel tracks.

They wear out pretty quick on tarmac, especially hilly riding

Why do you think hills impacts wear rate? I’ve never heard this before, so curious


The steep slickrock in Moab destroys my MTB tires.

If I had to guess, I’d say riding on rough tarmac will wear gravel tires more quickly than gravel, and be worse if you are riding on steep hills (extra stress on the tire riding up hills and braking).

Yes, the more knobs they have, the quicker they tend to wear in my experience. Schwalbe offers (at least) three versions of the G-One, the Speed, the Allround and the Bite. The Speed and to a lesser degree the Allround should feel quite at home on tarmac. I know at least one person who uses the G-One speed on their road bike as an off-season tire. Seems like a good choice IMHO.

Tires are always about compromises: the more specialized they are, the worse they tend to be when they are out of their element. Tires like the G-One Allround is an example of the other option, you make a tire that feels at home on all sorts of surfaces. The price you pay is that these are not great on either one of them.

Lastly, tires wear, that’s their job. I’d think about the kind of riding I’d want to do and then pick a suitable tire.

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