Gravel tire suggestions (narrow)

Is this the trail you’re talking about? If so, it looks like there’s quite a bit of loose over hard and true gravel, not just hard pack. If so, I would definitely go for something with some tread. I personally love GK SK tires for those conditions, but I do agree with the previous poster that they throw a lot of fine spray if anyone is drafting you, and I use a wider tire, so ymmv.

Yes, that’s the trail. And maybe the GAP starting in Pittsburgh, which has very similar terrain.

Thanks for the recommendations. I’m going to put frame protectors on the bike to protect the down tube and stays. Should I be overly concerned about the rock spray from the GK SKs? Does anyone have experience with the other two potential tires (Vittoria Torreno Dry or WTB Exposure)?

Only if you’ll have people sitting on your wheel drafting. If they’re 6 feet back, it disappears.

THe GK SKs will still fling rocks in your face and at your buddies. I gave a set to my buddy and no one will ride behind him. They don’t fling hard enough to ruin your paint, but the rocks can get between your sunglasses and face.

Because the knobs on the SK are useless, there’s no reason not to go SS if you like the SK. The knobs don’t work even on a thin layer of moist dirt over a sidewalk.

I don’t agree, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true for you.

This is the problem with asking for recommendations on the internet. We all have opinions based on our own preferences, skill, style, etc. One mans cushy saddle is another mans barbed wire. Unfortunately, you end up having to try things for yourself.

What environment did you find them of any use? Because they I found I’d immediately start going down on any type of mud, the thinnest dusting of snow, and didn’t corner/brake well on loose over hard - you see anything slick, cleats out, feet out. Both the g-one allaround and Conti Terra speed have way more traction in these conditions (meaning I can keep my cleat engaged) and they aren’t anywhere as good as a mini-knob XC tire.

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He’s not riding in snow or mud or looking for a knobby. He also said “fair weather only”. He’s riding normal gravel roads, some pavement, and rails to trails in dry conditions. I have no issue at all with the GK SK on gravel, pavement, loose over hard, and sand. I’ve ridden them a ton in Texas and Colorado in dry conditions with zero issues.

My narrow gravel tire of choice is the Donnelly CDG. It’s a 30c tubeless with a directional file tread, brown sidewall for me. On my dt swiss 19mm internal rims they measure around 31.5 so WAM may vary. As for use and performance I picked them for my road bike (32c max) as a lite gravel, go slower colder shoulder season tire. They can do a little single track but do quite well on hard pack dirt or road. Not super supple but do what I ask of them well enough. Had one get slashed laterally (across the tread) on a ride, no idea what I hit and luckily didn’t shower my wife riding behind with sealant. They otherwise are tough and mount and seal fairly well. 4.5 stars.

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Thanks!!! I’ve narrowed my search down to this tire and GK SK, primarily due to the limit of 32c on my bike. Im also considering a wheel with internal width of 23-25mm so am a bit concerned the tire will balloon out a bit.

I just want to put a good word in for the Hutchinson sector 32. I am running them on my Canyon with latex tubes and they are reasonably fast and also tough. I ride them on the C&O canal and smoother dirt roads. I had the older ones years ago that were “tubeless” (The new ones are “tubeless ready”) and the new ones are MUCH improved.

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@barky thanks. The tread looks almost like a slick. I recall some light sandy patches on the C&O Canal and am surprised that slick(ish) tires do well - thanks for the info!

If you haven’t bought already, I need to add that I got my first ever flat with a GK SK tire today, and it was a tear bad enough that it wouldn’t seal. :man_facepalming:

Happened on the side of a busy road. Not sure what I caught, but there was a lot of debris.

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you caught the tire curse of WindWarrior, of course!

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Just praying my bad luck all got out there today. Now I feel like I need to pre-ride again tomorrow on the new tires too. Thankful I got here early enough to be able to overcome the misfortune.

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I hope you bought an extra tire or two

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