Gravel tire suggestions (narrow)

Just ordered the 700x40 in the hard pack version. Should have them in a week and fitted after that. Thanks.

I have been recommending this tire for over 2 seasons now, these are great tires IMO. I run the Centauro H in a 700x35 (blow out to 39.3mm on my rims) and have used them on all of my gravel riding and racing. I will say the most aggressive terrain I have ever ridden during a gravel race was BWR NC 2022 addition and they didn’t miss a freaking beat anywhere there.

I have also used them in slushy gravel which they were fine but nothing is great in those conditions, I also use them on our local XC trails and they are just fine also.

The only time I have struggled with these tires are if it is muddy, they have a hard time going up inclines that are muddy but anything without lugs will.


Thanks! This line of tires has also been on my radar.

What is the inner width of your wheels? Expanding from 35mm to 39mm seems like a lot. My gravel wheels are Hunt X-Wide 35 and have an IW of 25mm. Thanks again!!

The ID of my rims is 30mm (hookless) so it makes small tires pretty big which is great for racing but horrible for life haha (I cannot run anything less than 35mm on it which is okay since its gravel only wheels).

I put some GK slicks on them yesterday just to see what they did and they took a 38 printed tire to 41.5mm actual size. The OD of the rim is 40mm.

@teddygram those are some wide rims - inner and outer. Got it … thanks!