Gravel tire similar to Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite 700x40, but narrower?

Hi there, I like this tire, and it fits well on my Hunt carbon wheels. But I found out the hard way that it’s too wide for my chainstays in the rear when muddy: [Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite Performance 700c Gravel Tire at BikeTiresDirect](https://Schwalbe G-One Ultrabite)

Any suggestions for a similar tire in a 35-37 width? Bonus points if you know that it plays well with Hunt wheels (mounting relatively easily). Double bonus points if it comes with tan sidewalls (I will run 40 mm on the front and narrower width in the rear). Thanks!!

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Conto Terra Trail in 35mm?
Or the slightly less knobby Terra Speed?

Schwalbe has a few different variations of G-One that come in sub-40mm sizes. SuperBite maybe?

Panaracer GravelKings - several varieties.

I use the TerraSpeed in 40, would happily run in 35mm if frame required it. They are fast rolling, but do wear fast as well.

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