Gravel tire for sandy conditions

Considering a gravel duathlon that includes a mile of sandy conditions. Using my cx bike (for its lightness and suspension seatpost), which currently has 38mm Gravel King SKs. Thinking a front tire with better control in sand might help. Suggestions? ( I know handling skills count more than tire selection. I’ve ridden sand in cx races, but plan to practice more in a local park that has 5 sand volley ball courts side by side.)

Go as wide of a tire that your frame can fit, tread pattern doesn’t matter much.


yeah, I think 40mm is going to be max

Tread pattern does matter a great deal. As in cyclocross, file treads are best for sand.

WTB Nano is an amazing sand tire if you’re limited to 40mm tires

cool, I’ll check that out. currently considering Vittoria Terreno Dry

Vittoria terreno dry or maxxis reaver, wider is better but 90° turns are still sketchy depending on how sandy it is. You can use something with more aggressive treading but won’t help too much on straightaways.

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I would check out the Challenge Gravel Grinder, I use a Baby Limus for CX and have never tried their gravel tires but they make Sand specific tires for Cyclocross and the GG looks very similar, they also recommend it for sand.

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