Graphenlube cleaning question

Hey all,

I splurged this year and bought a pre-treated graphenlube chain from Absolute Black for my CX bike. So far, I’m very happy with it but unclear on how to best clean the drivetrain. I’ve read wiping with a clean rag is fine for day to day care but I’ve got some grim building up in the rear mech and curious how best to take care of it. The chain doesn’t need a lube reapplication as of now.

My thought was to soak part of a rag in a degreaser/cleaner to get at the pully wheels, etc. while avoiding the chain as much as possible. End of the day, not that big of a deal to reapply lube but just curious what others are doing with muddy/grimey mountain bike/cx drivetrains with non-oil based lubes.

Happy riding!

I just wipe the goop that collects off and leave it at that. If I want a deep clean, I’ll just take the chain off and spray degreaser on the entire frame and drivetrain and then do a light power wash. You can take a brush to it as well. But at the end of the day, it’s gonna look dirty really quickly just by the nature of the graphenlube.

I absolutely love the stuff though. The longevity it gives is awesome. Balances how expensive it is.

yeah that’s what I was thinking. So far, I love the stuff too and don’t mind the expense considering how long it lasts.

Thanks for the reply!

@justinjeffers @jjmc have you compared this Graphene lube to other immersion waxes? Like plain Gulf Wax or Molten Speedwax or Silica’s Secret mix?

I haven’t. I’ve always used wet lubes until now. So that could skew my perspective. That stuff is nasty.

The graphenlube looks just like a dirty chain all the time, but I just take a rag to it before a reapplication and most everything rubs off really nicely. Then drip on some fresh or throw it in a bag. And it does seem to protect the chain quite well. Great for someone like me who is bad about chain maintenance.


Yeah I am all in on the waxed chains - no going back! Just curious of value benefits of using one of the brand name waxes over just using plain Gulf Wax.