How do you wash your bike if you’re using drip wax chain lube?

Hey guys,

Just started using Silca’s drip wax. I used to wash and degrease my chain weekly but now that the chain’s waxed I’m not sure what to do? Is there a way of washing the bike without having to remove the chain every time?


Just wash it as normal, dry it off with a lint free cloth. Don’t use degreaser.

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Just wash around the chain?

I do wash the chain though, along with the bike, nearly after every ride (using warm soapy water). And then re-apply the drip wax after the wash.

As above, although most of the time TBH I end up taking the chain off.

If leaving it on, drying it and leaving it in the sun would be good - relubing should help displace any water in the chain, but will likely be less effective as you’re essentially watering it down. If you do that I’d lube again fairly soon, maybe before the next ride if it was already sounding dry.

That’s my plan but I know water will hit the chain once I rinse the bike off. Just wasn’t sure if the water would contaminate anything. Sounds like I can just drip wax back over it once it’s dried.

Yes, warm water will wash the wax off, to a degree, but you can just reapply it. I just wouldn’t use any degreaser or stuff that could mix with the wax and change its properties.

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I use I think a similar tungsten wax lube. During the summer I’m mainly wiping the bike down and just occasionally washing. If the bike is washed I’ll drip some more lube. I avoid degreasing the chain. The drivetrain though (or perhaps its somewhere else) sounds like it needs a proper degreasing this time.