Gran Fondo / Marmotte training


Any recommendations for how best I can supplement my training to help me get jn shape for the Marmotte gran Fondo end of June?

I’m about to end SSBase MV. And then go into build

Not sure if I should go to HV for Build or stick with MV and add some more long road rides jn.

Not much time left until end June - currently I’m 67kg and 230 FTP. Only got back to riding last summer after more than 7 years off the bike! I know I can’t work miracles but happy to put more time into my training….just want to make it best use of time

Any suggestions really appreciated

Thanks !

There’s a massive thread on it which may have some of the answers you seek.

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Z2 till ya t*ts fall off. Every extra hour you got I’d be zone two’ing. If you’ve only got 30 min I’d add it before a workout. If there’s Z2 In your plan add 30 min to the end. Got a day off. Do an extra hour of Z2. Going on an outdoor ride. Do 3-4 hours power Z2. If your HR drifts up back off the power till your HR is in Z2. :slightly_smiling_face:

This has done a ton of good for me. In six months My Z2 threshold has gone up 15w and my HR down 10 bpm.


I’m doing a similar Event as my main goal this year (200km and 4 long alpine climbs). I^m using a low volume Plan and add 1-2 Zone 2 rides a week if possible and as soon as the weather and time allows I will do some longer rider 4-7h in mostly Zone 2 on the weekends. I also extended my Sweetspot workouts to 1.5h and now use custom workouts with 40 min+ intervalls to extend the continious time at Sweetspot/ Tempo which helped me last year on longer rides. If I ride 5 Times a week I also drop one of the Sweetspot rides for 1.30-2h of Z2 because I feel another SS ride gets to my recovery…

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awesome cheers. this is bloody helpful for me. I’m gonna start adding some 30 mins Z2 ahead of the scheduled SSB2 sessions, and same as I start Build next week.

cheers Morzak. this is also really helpful for me. Think i’ll do similar and drop my second SS ride for a longer Z2. cheers again

Unlikely, but if you suddenly have more time to train and recover, and MD was easy then maybe.

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Hows everybody getting on?

72 days to go and time seems to be flying!

My training seems to be going well (I think). Following the progression levels and i’m quite frequently getting all time PB’s with the more intense workouts so think i’m tracking well. FTP is slowly nudging north, and i mean slowly (1-2w increase every AI FTP detection)

Slight setback from a sportive i did the other week, think i had mud stuck in my cleats which resulted it my knee starting to hurt this last week. Getting up the stairs was an issue, but can i just say, all hail kinesiology tape :sweat_smile: Literally instant relief.

I do need to start doing more longer rides outside for the time in the saddle, but between working and the weather, i’ve not had chance!

You still have 2.5 months, better weather is coming. I should focus now also on the longer rides. Progression levels are great but they are not going to take you up the Alpe ;-). So some steady endurance building is a good idea. Longer tempo intervals.
I did Marmotte 5x. Endurance is key. And let’s call it muscular endurance not slow Z2.


Aye, i need to do more of the longer endurance rides. I’ve done Telegraph, Galibier and Alpe D’huez in one ride, but tagging on the glandon at the start will make it extra spicy getting up that first ramp on the alp.

Got no doubt i can do it, i just really wanna get that gold medal in my age cat :sweat_smile:

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Going well. After a big setback end of last year and beginning of this year where i couldn’t ride for about six weeks i’m getting back my fitness. Currently in a *4 week) VO2Max block where i do two vo2max sessions during the week and long (3/4 hour ish) rides in the weekend.
After this going to do a (4 week) build block with FTP work to increase TTE at FTP and slowly build in some tempo block on my weekend rides.
After that it’s “specialty” with mainly longer endurance rides with sweet spot and tempo blocks. Also have a long day in Eiffel, about 7 hours ish with 3000m of elevation.

Current FTP sits about 300w (at 75kg) and don’t really need that to grow, mainly focused raising fatigue resistances and maintaining a high output for as long as possible. Goals is a gold time in age bracket (40+).

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I’m aiming for 4w/kg. Just did a (for me) big block of 4 weeks going from 9 to 15 hours in the last week, with vo2max intervals. Im no at 3,7 but still have a few kg’s to shed. Next week starts FTP training block. Am excited about the Endurance gains, FTP is not progressing as hoped but i guess there is still time.

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If you did those 3 already you should manage it. One important tip. Go slow at Glandon. Meaning you should hold back and say I can go Faster but I won’t.
Most time Will be won or lost on the Alpe.