GPX File Modification

Not sure where to categorize this but does anyone know a website or a software that I can modify a GPX file.


You mean like but for a gpx file? Are you wanting to remove specific types of data or just modify anomalies in data?

I am interested too, what can you use to take out a wrong GPS point on GPX or FIT (huge increase in speed and giving you a few wrong records).

I just want to remove a specific section of the course.

Could you use the Strava option to trim the course? It’s messy but do it once removing from the end of the ride to the start of the segment you want removing. Export from Strava then delete from Strava and reimport whole ride from head unit. Then trim again but from the start till the end of the section you want removing.
You can then either reimport the first section and have two workouts or look for ways to combine two gpx files. I’m not sure how the latter would act when finding a missing section between the two files though.
Other than above I’m no other ideas, sorry.

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Apparently, we can crop the route in BBS.

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This software is free and is an awesome tool that I use to alter GPX files.


This software requires a one time license purchase, but its extremely powerful and well worth it IMO. It makes it easy to do basically every workout file modifications you would need.

That said, I believe there’s free software out there to do what you need.

I don’t use Win but will check if it has a Mac version

With you can fully edit a GPX file : add, move or delete points or even re-route a part of the track.