Tubelessready tires? 😂 (picture)

Summer is here, tube is taken out and tubelessliquid installed!
foam bath :man_shrugging::joy:


No experience with tubeless. So I have a stupid question: do you fill it with actual foam to test for wholes? Or is this all latex filler stuff pooring out?

have those tires been ridden a while with low pressure…?? or are they brand new?

I have only seen this happening gradually after riding many km with minimal pressure (causing the sidewalls to compress to the rimwall often, damaging the sidewall). Normally this will seal while it’s happening, really loosing air and sealant happened for me when the sealant and tire where both too old…

Does it say tubeless ready (or similar) on the tyre? Loads sell in two different versions.

I did run them tubeless last summer.
Installed a tube during the swedish winter, cleaned them and now I wanted to run them tubeless again.

I have got them to seal up agan. It took some liquid :man_shrugging::joy:

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Did you scrub them clean from the inside? AFAIK tubeless ready just means they come coated on the inside, maybe that came off?

Also there are all these diagonal lines on the outside, I’ve had tyres leaking a bit from those. I’ve heard tan wall tyres are thinner there, so maybe that adds to it.

I’ve been riding tubeless since 2019, never seen a tyre like this before.


I got 2 of them :joy::joy:

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Are those tyres actually tubeless compatible?

Effeto mariposa caffelatex or vittoria sealant tend to do that. Makes them both very effective sealants

Some sealants do this others don’t. Usually it’s a sign of a good effective sealant

By that deduction, I take it Stan’s (both Race and normal) is not a good effective sealant. I guess that’s how we learn, thanks for pointing that out.

I haven’t tried Stan’s race, supposedly it’s good but very expensive. I’m not too impressed with regular Stan’s though especially not on road tires. Sealants that froth like that seem to be better at sealing all the micropores that make TLR tires loose pressure.

I would question tyres that ‘permit’ sealant to seep through, and the viscosity of the sealant to get through the micropores.

Your tyres ‘foam’ to the extent of the OP?
Mine haven’t, and haven’t had unusual/abnormal air pressure loss using Stan’s (either derivative).

Depends on the tyres too, Veloflex and schwalb road and mtb and maxxis mtb foam, vittoria mtb and road don’t. (Schwalbes don’t just foam, they weep sealant even Stan’s)

:rofl: well, then my Maxxis Ramblers and Maxxis Rekon Race and Maxxis Minon DHR II are defective, no foaming. You think if I went back to the retailer they would swap them for seeping tyres? I don’t want to ride with a potential issue on my hands with defective tyres.

Thankfully my Vittoria Saguaro’s are not defective, they haven’t foamed, yet. And come to think of it, nor have my Panaracer Gravel King SK+, nor have my WTB ByWay, WTB Resolute, WTB Venture and WTB Riddlers foamed yet. You can add those to your list of non-foaming tyres. Yeah, I have a lot of wheel sets for both MTB and Gravel.

Tubeless tires are constructed differently. All tires permit passage of various particles, some smaller, some larger. Tubed tires allow much larger particles to pass through. Tubeless much smaller.