Goal: 1:39:59 on Mount Lemmon

Placing my flag in the ground right now. I have one primary cycling goal for this year: Ride under 1:40 on the primary Mt. Lemmon HC strava segment. It’s 21.2 miles with 5,454 feet of elevation gain. Here’s the link to the segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/527881

I got 1:46:XX last year, beating my previous PR by almost 9 minutes. I progressed a lot last year, so I think I can take off even more time. I hope to make the PR attempt in early April. I’ll post periodic updates as I go! Wish me luck and here we go!

(I’ll also be using plan builder!)


Enjoyed that route many times. Well, except for the wind storms and pouring rain a few times.

Good luck!

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Update - fitness is starting to come around. 320 watts during SS workouts feels a lot easier than it did last year. Vo2 intervals still (and probably always will) suck. Looking forward to the next ramp test!

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If bestbikesplit.com isn’t already on your radar, I would highly recommend giving it a demo to pace plan for this. It excels at time goal oriented TTs imho.

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Great idea! I’d forgotten about them. I’ll get over there!

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Update. Did a recovered TT up the mountain yesterday. Knocked over two minutes off my PR and shattered my midway PR by several minutes. Final time was 1:44:01. Really started to fade at the end. But I’m proud of the effort because I started the ride with courage and held the pace that it would have took to go sub 1:40 for a long time.

I can definitely feel the fitness improving. Continuing to train with SS medium volume (skipping the recovery ride and substituting with a run). Sub 1:40 probably won’t happen this spring because it’s ready starting to get hot and my big frame doesn’t offload heat very well. So I’ll probably have to wait until oct/nov to try again. That’s ok with me though, because it will give me more time to build fitness!!

Link to my effort yesterday:


Congrats man that’s awesome. Keep building your fitness and you’ll kill it later in the year. :muscle:

One of my 2020 goals was simply to survive the HC climb on Mt Lemmon (my previous biggest climb was a whopping 400ft as I live in Illinois). It took me 3 hours but I was able to do it in March and it was an unforgettable experience. Hoping as my own fitness improves I can make it back to Tuscon someday and have another go at it!