GO2 Devices (PEEP - positive end expiratory pressure)

Just saw this on Instagram:

Anyone with experiences with it? Or knowledge its way of working or PEEP?

On first hand it looks like a typical Instagram influencer bs product…

Seems like PEEP is a legitimate thing:

Used for people with breathing problems. I read the article I linked to above and my conclusion is that while the GO2 device does work, I’m not sure I would try it. I feel like (as a person with thankfully no issues breathing) it I would start thinking “somethings wrong that I need to correct”.

I dunno. I just feel like a lot of these things can send a subconscious (negative?) message.

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Yeah, PEEP is a real thing. I have some experience in anesthesiology circles and little bit of this stuff has rubbed off. Basically, the reason you’ll see this in a medical setting is because when a patient is on a mechanical ventilator they’re not really in control of their breathing. It’s important to keep the lungs inflated, or else gas exchange won’t happen. As long as you keep them inflated, there’s tons of oxygen in the lungs to keep your blood oxygenation up (for many minutes – way more than you would think – the breathing reflex you feel when holding your breath is from CO2 buildup, not lack of oxygen!).

But if you’re not on a ventilator, you’re in a lot more control. This is where you see advice to exhale forcefully… that’s keeps the pressure up in your lungs. Counterintutively, taking a big breath and holding for a second is much better than hyperventilating on a heavy interval. At some point, I guess, your discipline will fail, and that’s where this device can force the issue.

There’s some awesomely graphic video on emcrit.org showing peep in action, and ton of detail info on considerations. Obviously it’s more in the keep-people-alive vein rather than exercise efficiency, but there’s a lot of basic physiology that carries over.


Thank you for your explanation

Kinda wanted to push this to the top to see if anyone has played around with one of these things… experiences?

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