Dissent 133- Real world feedback

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I’ve seen one or two recommendations for Dissent 133 gloves, and have read the mainstream review. But I’m very interested to hear from those of you who have them. Do they live up to the hype? Would you buy them again?

There is a long winter ahead (if there is only 133 day of rain in the next year that would be great).


Hi, yep, Ive had a set since Autumn last year. I suffer from really cold hands, and like to ride long distances (over 400k rides last winter).

They work well as a system, nice to be able to fine tune based on temperature / rain / wind. The cuff’s are a little short for my liking, so have to be careful that my rain coat is over the glove, to ensure rain does not get in, but stay waterproof otherwise. I particularly like the wind/shower proof outer, as it’s not to bulky (unlike the waterproof outer, which is too bulky for me to turn lights on / push head unit buttons). Still not warm enough for me, on really cold days, but It’s where I feel the cold, and I’ve not found a glove that is, yet. The base/ liner gloves wore out early spring, with holes appearing, and enlarging quickly, but I used them a lot, the mid layers and outers are fine, with no visible wear issues. And each glove type can be replaced separately. It can be a pain dealing with (potentilly) six gloves at stops (especially in the rain in the middle of the night), you have to be careful not to lose any.


Thanks for taking the time! Some good feedback

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Did you use the size guide on the website? Do they fit true to size?

It was a while ago now, but, from memory the size guide said I was a small. I’m usually a medium, so went for that, and that was correct.

So no, I did not follow the size guide, but yes they seemed to follow standard sizing.

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I picked up a set last year and have been happy. I’m cold more often than not but also am very uncomfortable if I get hot so find I’m always fidgeting with my clothing. The layering system is nice and works well for quick adjustments.

I’ll admit i benefit from mild winters and have only used them down to the low 30s (0-2C ish) and never in the rain. In those temperatures, I’ve been fine.

I usually wear a large or size 10 glove and that’s what I bought.