Glossary of Terms

“Wow. I damn near went anaerobic on that last undulating micro burst once that supra-threshold interval started playing footsies with my vo2 max. If that next hill took me above threshold I would have been cooked but good thing I’m a dentist and my bike weighs in at 13 kilos. Watt is your ftp anyway bro?”

I think something like this could further seperate me from my buddies that don’t use TR out on the road.

Is there or can the TR gals and guys create a page or sticky in the forum that is a ‘glossary of terms’? No idea if this would be 10 terms or 100. But it would be nice to see them all in one place. Something like this probably already exists on the web. Coach Chad does a great job of defining the focus of each plan as well as each individual workout with terms like ‘threshold’, ‘strength endurance’, ‘dentist’, ‘aerobic ceiling’, ‘sweet spot’, ‘tempo’, etc but they are never seen in relation to one another.

Something like…
suprathreshold - below vo2 max but above ftp. the goal of a suprathreshold workout is to extend high power over greater duration.

Now that I dig around this looks like it would be a daunting task but a lot of them need no explanation like ‘micro-burst’.


I agree. Would be cool to have all the terms in a single place. I know most of them. It sometimes forgot the subtle nuances between the different types of training and the benefits / adaptations they target

I agree we need one. I am willing to start and maintain, but want to leave the door open for an official thread by TR personnel, if they prefer.

That would be great. Is a wikipedia style one possible? Fine with perfectly simple list too.

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This is great stuff, everyone! Awesome, awesome idea, @thesupermarket. (By the way, I actually laughed out loud reading your original post. “Watt is your ftp anyway bro?” Ha!

I have added a task to vastly improve an existing Help Center article to include a much, much more complete glossary of all this jargon we so carelessly throw around. :smile: I’ll probably rename the article to “Training Terms” or something like that to make things more clear, too.

This should get done no later than by the end of next week!


Hey, Everyone!

I wanted to post an update on the progress of this.

I’d imagine it comes as a surprise to nobody that this is a relatively large undertaking if we are to do it well.

Of course, we do want to do it well, so we’re going to take our time and build out this glossary of terms as best we can!

As such, it’s not going to be done this week.

However, it will hopefully be worth the wait!

A big reason for the delay is that I want to make sure Coach Chad reviews the content and adds whatever contributions he’d like before we ship this thing.

Currently, Chad (along with Nate and Jon) is in Kona for IM Kona, so he’s not going to be able to help out this week.

No ETA on the glossary’s release yet, but work has commenced on it!

If there are any terms you’d like to see added, feel free to respond to this post.

Also, I’d just like to make the disclaimer that we may or may not include any suggested terms, and ALL of this could be subject to change. :slight_smile:



Amazing! Thanks Alex.

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