Giant TCR Advanced Pro models comparison

I’m looking at a TCR adv pro 1 2016 tomorrow and I’ve had a look on Geometry Geeks and see it shares the same geometry all the way through to the 2020 model. The 2021 model onwards is therefore different. Am I right in saying that 2016-2020 is the exact same frame wise except for the colours? I’ve read info about the 2016 model saying the tubing shape and a few other things are different to the 2015 model


I’m pretty confident you’re correct. I had a 2017-era TCR (which I loved) and I believe the frame has been updated once since then.

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The geometry is the same, the material is different on different models.

I thought this but I contacted a Giant dealer and they told me that all the pro models in that year have the same material… not sure what’s correct :thinking:

I think that’s right - Advanced Pro have different materials to Advanced (No Pro) models.