Any Giant dealers here?

Long shot here, but I’m desperate…

I recently bought a Giant 2017 TCR Advanced frameset, and it is missing the shift cable stops and cable guide for the bottom bracket area (I assume the previous owner used di2). My Giant dealer cannot find the bottom bracket cable guide on the dealer website to even inquire about availability.

I’ve checked eBay and googled everything I can think of, with the only hits being shops overseas that are sold out of the part number


Anybody here a Giant dealer employee, or know one that may be able to point me in the right direction?

Do you know what would be really useful, if we knew which country you were in?

My apologies; USA.

We’re you able to find one? I’m in the same situation as well.

I found one on eBay out of Hong Kong, and a couple weeks later a local dealer here in Kentucky was able to get one from giant. I can put you in touch if you need?

Yes, that would be great! Thanks!

PM sent.