Giant Defy stem on Giant Propel

I know this has been done but I’m seeing conflicting information on this topic online. I’d like narrower bars and I can’t get hold of any so I’m looking at changing the stem to get better and lighter bars on my giant propel advanced pro 2. The fork is a full carbon composite over drive 2 steerer… what is is that I exactly need to order to fit custom bars? Apparently I need a new headset?

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You can probably use any 1 1/4 inch stem but you won’t be able to install the stem cover that hides the cables.

I have 42cm sluminium propel handlebars lying around btw

I found 40cms for you. A bit expensive for 2nd hand though (I paid 40 euros for mine)


you shouldn’t need a new headset, defy and propel stems are near identical but the defy stem allows for clamping to round (at the centre) handlebars, you get a good view of it on here


Nice one thank you

What about the spacers? Are they the same type?