Finish a bike build

So I’ve decided to get a new Giant Propel Frameset last years non disc model was being very heavily discounted but now need to work out how to finish it.

I already have

Ultegra di2 for all parts expect the chainset and bottom bracket (the frame has its own giant brakes as part of it)

Prime 50 Carbon Black Edition Wheels

Fizik Ardea saddle

So the shopping List is

Pedals need to SPD-SL – Think 105 non carbon £45

Chain set - 105 Compact £100 (then take my 4iii off the old bike – does anyone know if anyone sells just drive side?

Bottom Bracket – Dura Ace £29

Handelbars and Stem Budgeting about £150-200 Ideally either the giant bars aero bars but these seem out of stock everywhere similar with Prime Aero bars (in a 40) that were my first point of call. Not sure on headsets

Anything others would swap in or prioritise spending on with a £400 budget

I have Giant Propel and have been shopping lately to upgrade to Di2 and aero bars.
If it’s last year’s model you’ll have the “newer” brakes that clear 25mm tyres, the old ones were a few years ago, I have the 2017 and can’t go bigger than 25mm but don’t need to either.

Giant bars - I bought the non-integrated as I wanted 400mm with a 110mm stem. I could have got that in the integrated bars elsewhere but they were well over £300.

Don’t forget the seatpost battery holder
With the Giant bars you can also get aero clip ons should you want to TT.

Crank - The frame actually climbs ok, there are plenty of hills around me and my Propel on a 52/36 is not really much more difficult than my lightweight race bike on a 50/34 - in saying that on long days with lots of hills the Propel stays behind.

Pedals - there are lighter options, Look Keo for example are in line with Dura-Ace weight wise for much less cost.

Giant do a neat little rear light that fits on the aero seatpost.

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Thanks Smurf really helpful, it down as the 2018 model and reading online it should take 25mm but not sure if I could go any bike not that I plan to at the minute.

Yeah the ability to add the clip on bars to the giant bars might well clinch it for the giant bars as ideally this will do some TTs come summer

Good shout on pedals - I do have 2 other bikes and 3 pairs of shoes so I’m reasonably locked in the Shimano pedal eco-system now but as this will be the Sunday best bike possible dedicating my best shoes to it to.
Anyone have views on the best pedals weight/cost/power efficiency

Oh yeah, and the Ridesense speed/cadence sensor is much tidier than one on the chainstay.