GCN+ : 75% price rise on the way? EDIT: "Answer = NO"

I subscribed to GCN Race Pass back in August, paying the introductory offer price of £19.99, being half of the “regular” price of £39.99.

The subscription was taken out via Google Play, and as expected that subscription shows the next payment of £39.99, the expected regular price, due to be taken in August. All fine so far. Happy to renew at that price.

However, GCN have launched an Android TV app now, which I installed yesterday. Within this app’s Account section, it shows my subscription as renewing in August, but at £69.99, not £39.99.

ie. a £30 a.k.a. 75% increase over the price I expected to be paying.

So a question for GCN (@Brian_GCN)…
=> Is this price “discrepancy” between the two apps a technical glitch, or has the Android TV app let the cat out of the bag that a very large % price hike is incoming?

Google Play (expected renewal price of £39.99):

Android TV (renewal price 75% higher):


Ooooffft that’s a steep increase.

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Just an FYI - I am on a similar subscription setup but through Apple, and it says £39.99 on mine for 6th August 2021. TBH, while it’s good I’m not even sure I’d pay £40 year on year as I could just watch the TdF through ITV Hub. All the other bits and pieces are nice… certainly not worth £70 to me but maybe be a better value proposition for others.

Hey, @AldridgePrior

Your subscription renewal shouldn’t increase, it should be £39.99, this is a technical glitch as you’ve put it and we’re now looking into it - sorry to have caused confusion!

@swgregg If you’re only paying for a sub for TDF content have you considered signing up just for the month instead? You’ll get all of our TDF coverage (subject to territory restrictions) as well as highlights and the Breakaway analysis show, of course if you’d rather stick to ITV in future then that’s fine :slight_smile:



Is the FireTV App out too?

Brian, thanks for the quick response and confirmation of that. :+1:


Coming soon once amazon approve it!


Apple TV or Roku coming soon too?

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They’re both in development, we haven’t got exact dates but Roku will be released first the Apple TV


What does the GCN+ offer that the eurosport online player does not - I’m currently paying for the eurosport player solely for cycling…

Does the GCN+ pass have all Europort cycling or just road? Does it have any extra content?

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I’m psyched with $25/year but will definitely be renewing at $50: cyclocross season or this month’s road racing alone are almost worth $50 to me. Like you said, different value for different folks but $50 is a steal for all this content. Good job GCN!

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Either of those would be nice, I’ll gladly plug the Roku back in if it happens first. AppleTV even better.

They may sort out the issue with Flanders Classics.

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I substitute to eurosport where they show road, cyclo-cross, mountain, track and so many other sports. I also rnjoy watching the x country skiing, biathlon and athletics.

This is good news. A Roku app is desparately needed.