Gatorade Maltodextrin mix and a sub 5 hour solo century

Great info!

I’ve done centuries on far less before as well but that wasn’t the point of this ride.

Well I am thinking about taking another crack at the 100mi loop this weekend if the weather holds. Want to really nail down the nutrition for the upcoming 100mi gravel race I mentioned. I’m making changes from what I learned last time and from what I gathered in this thread (thanks to those that offered their advice!) and wanted to see if maybe I’m missing something before I set off.

The new plan…

-Same 100mi road loop with water stop at 50mi/2.5hr point

-First 50mi I will have…

  • 2 Zefal Magnum 32oz bottles each w/ 60g Gatorade powder, 65g table sugar, 1/2 tsp sodium citrate and 50mg caffeine. Equals 100 carbs/hr rate and around 640mg sodium/hr incl. Gatorade mix
  • 750ml bottle or 50oz camelback (might use camelback in race, sag is at 65mi) with plain water to dilute drink mix in gut as needed
  • gels if needed/wanted

-Second 50mi I will have…

  • Same drink mix as above to put in bottles at water stop
  • plain water in 3rd bottle or camelback to dilute drink mix in gut as needed
  • gels if needed/wanted

I’m wondering if I should up the carbs in the bottles to see what I can handle as I will have plain water this time? And also unsure if I want to use the camelback. It would be nice to have a trial run with it as I am 90% sure I am going to use it for the gravel event, but on the other hand, I really want to improve my time on this loop and I am afraid it will slow me down. I guess realistically a bottle in the back pocket of my jersey probably isn’t any more aero.

As a side note I guess I should confess that me and a friend/coworker have a friendly bet on this loop and he bested my time by around 3 minutes.

Any input is appreciated!

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I just did a 120mi ride today with similar stuff so I’ll throw it in for a data point:
started with 3 lg standard bottles (22oz I think) with 360cal worth in each of 2:1 malto:fructose and a tablet of Nuun as well as a big pocket full of gels. I aim for 300-400cal/hr, so I try to drink a bottle in about 1:20, but I have about a gel an hour as well. When I refill, I get gatoraid for all 3 bottles, but I add a scoop of straight malto. Pro tip: the little tubes that Nuun comes in are the same volume as the powder scoop you get in a drink mix container so they are handy to carry/pre-measure. I came pretty close to finishing my second set of 3 bottles in 7h (pretty hilly ride).

I never have a problem with gut discomfort, but I do get a bit sick of the sweetness. I’m doing Leadville in a month and I think I am going to try some rides with more gels/solids to cut down on the liquid a bit


Awesome thanks!

I did a sub 6 hr (5:56) 122 mi, 6500 ft ride on Father’s day with one stop for water. Did 2 630 ml bottles Xtend Electrolye/BCAA mix with 1.5 scoops per bottle, 4 bottles total. Keeping ice in each with Podium Ice bottles to keep body temp down. The rest was 2 PB Clif bars (520 kcal), 2 PB&Js (600 kcal), and about 8 gels (800 kcal). Averaged a steady 212W the whole way, with climbing and light downhill pedaling on the rollers balancing out, so average worked out to my mid-upper my endurance zone. Not sure what you can take from this, but I think what I learned is that I fueled like I always do and don’t really pay attention to anything past 300-400 kcal/hr. Mine worked out to 320 kcal/hr. I like to separate fluids and kcal because those needs are independent of one another depending on conditions. I may roll out of the house looking like a squirrel with cheeks full of nuts (jersey pockets), but it gets lighter as the ride goes on!

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Take 1 bottle and have someone wait every 20mi with a fresh ice cold bottle? Put clip on aero bars on your gravel bike?

I know you said you were training your gut, but I find the amount of kcals (sugar) people are taking on these rides is a bit crazy.

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If you are taking gels, make sure you are drinking water with them. Gels are typically hypertonic, so they can’t get absorbed into the cells unless they are diluted and reach either an isotonic or hypotonic state. As a result, they just sit in your gut, and actually draw water FROM your cells in an effort to dilute the gel until such time it can be absorbed.

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If you’re worried about the aero penalty of the camelbak, take just the bladder and put it down the front of your jersey, where it’s out of the wind. You’ll look like a whale, but whales are streamlined…


We’re keeping it simple with the one stop and also agreed on no aero bars.

Sounds crazy but has been working well for me.

That’s why I have been shying away from solid food, need more water. I use SiS gels which are “isotonic”.

No room for that with my gut in the way. :rofl: Plus I’m not going to run it like that in the gravel race so I want to get a feel for it when I’m on a drop bar bike.

You may still want to take in some water as it may not be as “isotonic” as it claims to be:

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I will be…



Power meter died/dropped out so I pulled the battery at the water stop and reset and calibrated it. Had to stop and recalibrate again later because it was reading high, or I just had a Cancellara moment. So unfortunately the power numbers aren’t 100% on the money.

Followed the plan, took the camelback and didn’t use a single gel. Felt great the whole time all the way to the end but I was definitely riding the edge of carb limits. Went to lunch afterwards with the wife and had a normal sized meal and feel great.

Thanks everyone who chimed in on this thread! Next up, the real test on 100mi of gravel!



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Am I reading this graph right, do you have almost 0 coasting time?

Nice job! Now go crush the race!

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Lol close, power meter was dead for 13:30 according to the second graph! Nice catch!

I do have a couple things from the ride I’m curious about and I think they’re both sodium related.

First, about 3/4 into the ride I felt a slight headache feeling creeping in but went away. Maybe lasted 5 minutes and never got bad at all. Made me think not enough electrolytes?

And second, I urinated twice on the ride (clear) and multiple times after I got home (also clear). Which made me think too much sodium?

Just some observations…

Unlikely to be too much sodium. The amount of sodium needed to cause diuresis is 10x what it takes to cause GI discomfort during exercise.

More likely that you could have benefited from more sodium if you were peeing clear frequently on the ride.

Probably could do close to double the sodium next go-round.

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Well the race I’ve been preparing for is this Saturday. Here is the plan…

-2 mix bottles (Zefal Magnum) and a 2L Camelback (pain water) to first sag at mile 62, est. 3:40

  1. 3600ml of fluid for 3:40 (est) overall >10% sotution for start to sag. 350g carb total, 100/hr.

-1 mix bottle and one water bottle (dropping Camelback) from sag to finish at 100mi, est 2:00

  1. 1900ml of fluid for remaining 2:00 >9% solution for finish. 175g total, 87.5/hr

each bottle contains;

  1. 75g Gatorade
  2. 100g sugar (85g in finish bottle, aiming for 100g/hr)
  3. 100mg caff (33mg/hr)
  4. 1.5tsp sodium citrate (@ 5850mg total with Gatorade, @ 1000mg/hr)

Also carrying 3 gels just in case.

The race has an early 8am start and it sounds like overcast with high in the upper 80’s for the day. The race will probably end up being a shorter total time, I estimated on the slower end to make sure I have plenty of fluids.

Wish me luck…

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