Garmin Vector 3 worn jaws

Hi everyone
I have the garmin vector 3 power meter pedals and my problem is that the jaws are really worn to the point that the shoes have alot of play even though i use the 0 float cleats.
I was wondering if it was possible to replace just the jaws taking them from another look pedals. Considering that the conversion kit that garmin sales are 230 usd and the look keo pedals are a lot cheaper than that, i though it would be worth it
Has anyone tried it?

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If you haven’t, I would reach out to Garmin about it. I have been pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness to things like this in the past. Give them a call.

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I had this same issue with mine and after sending photos over to Garmin they replaced the dumb part of the pedal free of charge even though it was out of warranty. I just had to swap over the electronics which was easy.

They also offered a discount on the other pedal since it had similar damage but wasn’t bad enough to cause issues yet - I decided to take it and replace both at the same time.

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This has been exactly my experience with Garmin.

You can replace the pedal bodies with Rally bodies. Garmin Rally™ RS Conversion Kit.

It’s very simple and takes a few minutes. The spindle is the same. The Vector firmware stays the same and Garmin Connect continues to recognize them as Vector 3s. I switched mine to the SPD Road bodies which I prefer to look Keo because they have a slightly wider platform.