Smashed one of my Garmin vector 3s pedals. What now?

Today during a race I hit one of my vector pedals on a sidewalk and wrecked it. Does anyone have any experience with similar situations? What should i do? Do I send them back to Garmin or try looking for a single pedal online? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Contact garmin. They might have a subsidized rate Then compare to used market since one pedal is main and the other is linked to it providing the dual sided recording.

If just the pedal body was destroyed and the internals are fine, the body can be easily replaced. The bodies are available as replacement parts.

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I have gone the Garmin support route three times for those pedals. Twice to have the battery door replaced after a pedal strike and once to have both pedals replaced completely for bearings failure. All at no cost.


Garmin do a subsidised vector if you are out of the warranty. I got one recently. Pretty easy.