Garmin Running Power

So I just got the Garmin Run Dynamics pad so I can use something that resembles power data on my garmin during my running. Does anyone have any experience in using this for training purposes? Anything to point me in a general starting point would be great, especially if there’s a way to figure out whatever my running equivalent of an FTP is and then how to pace longer runs based on that.


Meh, I think run power is a long way from being ready for training. I gets the gist of whatever I’m doing right and theoretically factors in things like wind, but it’s nowhere near as reliable as power on the bike. Too hard to measure even with all the accelerometers. It’s a cool idea and I hope the technology improves, but I think, for the time being, a mixture of HR and pace is probably more reliable than run power. Just my two cents.


Right, I know it’s not nearly as perfect as an actual bike power meter, but I was thinking that as long as I keep the measuring device the same it should help me with pacing on hills and declines vs just pace cause it seems a bit more consistent as far as energy output goes. But I really don’t know if that’s true or not

Yeah, I think that’s the eventual goal. I’m just not sold that their calculations actually do a good job of gauging output accurately. It could work better for some compared to others based on running form, etc. I would just be wary of becoming reliant upon a training tool that doesn’t have all the kinks worked out yet. There’s no guarantee that this really is more consistent than just pacing by RPE, which I actually think works quite well for things like running and swimming. It might be something to play around with - see if you can find a testing protocol for run threshold pace and use that to figure out a run power number and then see how you feel. If it works for you regularly, you might be able to use run power. But be aware that super weird situations like running on sand or snow or in constantly changing winds could mess with your numbers and make them unreliable in some circumstances.

I have a Stryd and have been applying the data to training with great success for about two years. I have looked at the Garmin data and it just doesn’t seem to be consistent in its outputs so until they tweak the algorithm I would just go off of RPE, pace, and HR in that order.

If you want to start playing around with it though, Jim Vance’s book would be a good place to start diving into running with power.


I’m really interested in this as well. I qualified for Boston 2021 (currently unclear if the race will be held)
This article was recently published and could be EXTREMELY useful. It talks about what effort to push (for a marathon) as it relates to critical running power.

I’m unsure if a power meter is needed to determine your critical power. I’m sure someone out there knows??

EDIT: Just did some reading. STRYD as some test out there that direct you to use their power meter. I’m wondering if you complete their test but use speed as a proxy to determine your Critical Power (in the form of running pace). This would seem to make sense as you are testing on flat ground and there should be a direct correlation between power and your running speed/pace.

Anyone tried this? Am I missing a reason as to why this wouldn’t work?