Garmin Rally for CX

Can anyone comment on the Garmin Rally PM for cyclocross? I’m getting to the point where I would really like to have one power meter across all my bikes. I currently have four different PMs (first world problems, I know) and I’m tired of always having slightly different readings. I would love to have one and just move it between bikes; the easiest option for that is the Rally. It seems fine for road/mtb/gravel, but CX worries me. I’m always using the pedal to scrape mud off my shoe and after races I often have to alternate between a hose and a pick to get all of the mud out of the pedal body. Any idea how the rally would hold up to such abuse?


to be honest the rally were build with that in mind. i seriously doubt they build a powermeter for people who just make loops in the local park.

i do not have any insights on the QA of garmin but it is a reputable company and aside the accuracy issues of the rally. they are quite good PM.

I’ve had my garmin pedals for a couple years now, haven’t had any issues with them. I’ve used them for BWRs, other gravel events, singletrack mtb trails and plenty of CX races around Georgia.
I’ve been happy with my purchase, no drift issues that I’ve seen. I do get occasional dropouts but they’ve been through a lot and still work well IMO.

This picture is from a mudfest January 2022, still have the same pedals running.

I did have to clean them thoroughly :joy:


It will be fine. I’m sure the worst MTB conditions are worse than cyclocross. I use my Rally (converted from Vector 3) for all conditions.

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Were they? I mean, they were certainly built for off road use, but a CX mud-fest can be a different beast entirely.



I Figured picture proof would help show they’re good for CX. Make sure to clean and regrease them and you’ll be fine.

I have my rally’s on my xc mtb. I live in the PNW and have absolutely nailed them many times off granite rocks with pedal strikes. So far they have worked flawlessly. That being said, some people have had theirs break super easily, so it’s a fair point.

I think the biggest flaw of using them for Cx is they are big bulky SPD platform, probably the worst for shedding mud.


I usually run standard SPD pedals for cyclocross and use my rally pedals for gravel/marathon-type MTB

On a couple different races this past year I had issues clipping back into the rally pedals (with standard SH51 SPD cleats), after some relatively light mud (potholes in forest service roads in the Southeast US) that I wouldn’t have expected to cause any issues with SPD pedals.

Curious to see whether anyone has tried the garmin-brand XC cleats with rally pedals, and if this could make a difference?
I put a pair of the garmin cleats on my shoes. They work with SPD pedals but the engagement feels different, haven’t had a chance to do a proper test in muddy conditions with the rally pedals, since the spindles are currently in SPD-SL bodies and on my wife’s road bike for the summer.