Garmin HR belt monitor only lasts 1 year?

I’ve replaced my HR belt monitor on average about 1/year.
I use Garmin, with my Garmin Edge 820.
I replaced the battery, (thinking that is the problem ,but no joy.
So new one ordered.
Is this a normal lifespan for these?
Next time I’ll order 3 ,then won’t have to put up with the inconvenience and time wasting fiddling with a tiny screwdrver.
Several years ago i used a powertap one which lasted for years, also a polar , similarly…
I’m not bothered that it doesn’ t pair with TR, as I have it on my Garmin screen.
I also use it to prevent me from riding in z4 when I’m meant to be doing z2 outdoors!

I think my garmin HR strap is now 3 year old, no issues

Mine lasted a year but to be fair I did put it in the wash by accident. Now it acts weird when I first activate it and needs to be reset all the time.

Get yourself a Rhythym 24…they last forever.

Always found them to be pretty bulletproof. Does seem like the batteries on newer HR straps (I’ve had both Wahoo and Garmin recently) don’t last as long as they used to, guess they’re more power hungry from being dual band and/or increasing sensitivity to measure stuff like HRV.

I have had the same Garmin HRM for 4 years. I have even only had to replace the battery once.
I often think about getting a new one that has Bluetooth capability but since mine has been bulletproof I don’t want to risk it with a new one

I have had my Garmin strap for 3 years now.
I did have to change the battery and after changing the battery the strap did not work. Never came on… and then I stumble across a site in the internet that said that when changing the battery sometimes the sensor shorts itself and wont come back on.
The trick to get it back… believe it or not… install the battery backwards (positive to negative… vice versa) and let it go for 2 minutes… then reinstall the battery correctly and done… it all came back up perfectly. I was “shocked”.

1 Like,in%20my%20Forerunner%20or%20Edge…&text=Bypassing%20the%20battery%20contacts%20should%20cause%20a%20reset%20of%20the%20device.

Here is the site that I found…

I just retired a Garmin strap after 4+ years. Follow the instructions and hand wash after every use, and machine wash after every 7-10 uses. I always have two straps.


I have a Garmin hr strap that’s probably close to 10yrs old (came with a Forerunner 305). Replaced the elastic strap once. Replaced the batteries in the sensor 2-3 times. Still works flawlessly. I sweat heavy and I rarely wash it. I’m gross.

Garmin straps are pretty bulletproof. Wahoo, not so much.

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Got fed up of the garmin screws seizing and not being able to change battery. So switched to Wahoo and faultless so far.

Would the wahoo work with a Garmin head unit? Like you, fed up with tiny screws.
The old one I had ,had a easy open battery cover you use a coin to open

My HRM Run is from Sept 2016 and has also spent years getting dunked in the ocean when on my Ski/kayak. It still works fine but the elastic is starting to look tired.

I take it in the shower every so often to get the salt off and always lay it flat (contacts facing up) in a well ventilated area after use. It’s never been in a washing machine. :nauseated_face:

Works perfectly with my garmin 530 and old 500. It’s Ant+ and Bluetooth so will work with just about anything in guess.

I’ve had 2 of mine need replaced as soon as the battery needed changing. It seems that once you open it up it’s never quite watertight anymore.

Anywho, switched to wahoo as they are much cheaper

Am on my 3rd Garmin HRM, got the 1st one close to 3 years ago, lasted 1 year. Got the second one this time last year, warrantied. Replaced battery 1x, then the Garmin unit (530) said “low battery”, which was new to me. Swapped the battery, it died, and it stayed dead. Got my 3rd strap this week. Will use it till it dies then will spring for a better HRM.

My first Garmin HRM run got water damage inside the battery area because I screwed up the battery replacement process. There is a tiny gasket that you have to be careful with, and I was not. On my second HRM now, and was super careful with the first battery change. Things look ok for now.

I handwash after every use (5-7 seconds, at max) and hang it to dry on the towel rack, and it’s been good so far.

I think it is more the additional data required for Running Dynamics - or to be specific, the additional ANT+/Bluetooth chip up time to transmit the data.

That is good practice on both counts - taking care with the waterproofing gasket, AND regular washing.