Garmin Fenix 6x sapphire Stages power meter crankarm length

I have an issue regarding a garmin fenix 6 as a head unit paired with a left Stages powermeter
Although my crank is 175mm long in garmin device the value is 172.5mm(default?) and it seems i don t have the option to change that value

Thank you
But it s not working
I have the option only to calibrate the Pm

I have the option on my fenix 6 for my favero pedals…

Are you sure you should be able to change the crank length on your stages? Would have thought it would be set at the factory when it’s glued on?

Could just be the watch displaying a wrong/default value that doesn’t represent how the stages is programmed? Or the stages could have been set up incorrectly?

175mm is written on the crank arm
175mm is recognized in stages app on android - i calibrate with StagesPower app
172.5mm is the number shown on my garmin fenix

Seems the only way to actually alter the crank length is through a secret menu on the app?

You can maybe try that to double check it is set correctly but if it is then I’d just put the fenix reporting the wrong value as an annoying bug.

It shouldn’t effect the reported power as I don’t think the watch has the ability to change the value on the power meter.

Hopefully someone else will chime in with non 172.5 stages and a fenix and let you know what they see.

Yes i have done this in tools secret menu
I can alter from there crank length but 175 was the default value

The problem lies in fenix 6 head unit