Misconfigured crank length and power

Hi all,
I dont know why, I had all my activity (around 4-5 years) with a misconfigured crank length in the Favero Assioma app (it was 172,5 and my crank length is 175).
What should I expect, now that I configured it correctly?
I mean: will the power read a little higher or lower (let’s say that I can perform two workouts identically)?
I imagine the difference will be quite low, but maybe when in the red zone I could go in a red-er zone if the new reading is lower…

thanks in advance, have a nice ride!

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This reply seems to contain the answer I was looking for.
As I lied in the opposite side to the powermeter I should get higher power reading for the same effort.
I should, in any case, double check the settings in TrainerRoad and Garmin configuration, as apparently this is the real value used by Assioma (therefore, why they put the field in their app?)

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The value you put in the app is the one it uses - until it gets an override from Garmin etc… So it does have a use, but it doesn’t push that value and instead accepts overrides externally. For me, my summer bike is 172.5, winter/turbo is 170. So during the Winter, Garmin is set to 170mm and used only outdoors and when I go outside or come inside, the settings align. In the summer, my Garmin is set to 172.5 for my summer bike and I have to use the Assioma app to reset to 170 for turbo sessions. Not every indoor use will have an associated app. My frustration is the other way - why should Garmin continue to override the input device, when the input device has been set directly?